22 photos of Mpumalanga that will make you want to go there

"Mpumalanga" is one of South Africa's most beautiful provinces, with magnificent natural beauty and prolific wildlife.  It is also home to South Africa's largest game reserve, the Kruger National Park which covers almost two million hectares and the Blyde River Canyon, which is the third largest canyon on Earth.

Here are 22 photos of Mpumalanga that will inspire you to visit this beautiful province:

Mpumalanga is renowned for its spectacular natural features, like:

  1. The Blyde River Canyon
Blyde River Canyon - photos of Mpumalanga

Blyde River Canyon

2. The Three Rondawels

Three Rondavels - photos of Mpumalanga

Three Rondawels

3. The waterfalls

Lisbon Falls - photos of Mpumalanga

Lisbon Falls

4. and more waterfalls ...

Berlin Falls - photos of Mpumalanga

Berlin Falls

5. and the potholes

Bourke's Luck Potholes - photos of Mpumalanga

Bourke's Luck Potholes

6. Mpumalanga is renowned for its spectacular views


View from Wonder View near God's Window

7. There are forests everywhere...



Mpumalanga is home to fascinating wildlife, like:

8. Impalas...

Impalas in Kruger National Park - photos of Mpumalanga

Impalas in Kruger National Park

9. Zebras...


Zebras in Sabi Sands

10. Elephants galore...

Elephants In Kruger National Park

Elephants In Kruger National Park

11. ...and the elusive leopard...

Reverse Bucket List

Leopard in Sabi Sands

Mpumalanga has lots of activities

12. Fancy a round of golf?

Golf Course at Sabi River Sun - photos of Mpumalanga

Golf Course at Sabi River Sun

13. Or how about some fishing?

photos of Mpumalanga

Trout Fishing at Walkersons Hotel

14. A spot of retail therapy? There are craft markets everywhere...

photos of Mpumalanga

Craft Market at Mac Mac Falls

15. Something more adrenalin-pumping?
Visit the Graskop Gorge where you can ride the elevator down the face of the gorge into the forest below. You can also experience the world's highest cable gorge swing or fly across the gorge on the High Wire slide.

photos of Mpumalanga

Graskop Gorge Lift

Need a place to stay? You have many options, such as

Family resorts

16. Like Sabi River Sun

South African Holidays with kids

Sabi River Sun

17. and Walkersons Hotel and Spa

Walkersons Hotel

Walkersons Hotel

18.Mountain Lodges

Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge

Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge

19. The epitome of luxury

Presidential Suite at Sabi Sabi's Earth Lodge - photos of Mpumalanga

Presidential Suite at Sabi Sabi's Earth Lodge

20. Even the bathrooms are luxurious...

Bathroom at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge Villa - photos of Mpumalanga

Bathroom at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge Villa

Did I mention the sunsets?

21. Sunset in the bush

Sunset in Kruger National Park

Sunset in Kruger National Park

22. Sunset in the mountains

Sunset at Crystal Springs - photos of Mpumalanga

Sunset at Crystal Springs

Find accommodation in Mpumalanga.

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22 photos of Mpumalanga

22 photos of Mpumalanga that will make you want to go there 1

15 comments on “22 photos of Mpumalanga that will make you want to go there”

  1. mpumalanga it is ma province where I live. so it is the most of them all.mpumalanga where sun rises .a place where beauty starts

  2. I am absolutely stunned! These photos are beyond amazing!!! Blyde River Canyon looks unbelievable - it's like I am looking at a postcard. Incredible - thank you for sharing such beauty!

    1. Thanks Soraya. I love to show off my beautiful country whenever I get the opportunity. Do come visit someday.

  3. A wonderful place so many memories of visits by our family. THe first visit when our eighteen year old grandson was about nine months old. The last time was last summer you never get tired of it all always some new memory to take home with you

  4. This is just what I needed to see 🙂 We're off to the Kruger Park next week and there is just something about the Mpumalanga area that we are so obsessed with. Theres a beauty there that no other part of South Africa has. I just sent this post to my brother to get him even more excited for our trip next week as he LOVES this area of South Africa too. I absolutely love all of your posts, thank you! 🙂


    1. I'm jealous, Loren - I'd go to Kruger Park every month if I could 🙂
      Thanks for the support. Have a wonderful time in Mpumalanga!

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