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9 Family-friendly things to do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities on earth, famous for its man-made islands, huge skyscrapers and shopping malls. According to the latest Euromonitor rankings, more tourists now go to Dubai than Paris, New York or Tokyo. It is a constantly expanding destination. There are so many things to do in Dubai . New […]

Top 8 things to do in Singapore

Singapore may be small, but there's much to do there. It's a beautiful, clean, and multi-cultural country next to Malaysia. With so many great places to stay, it makes a great holiday destination, too. Here are some top things to do in Singapore. Gardens By the Bay Gardens By the Bay is a colorful, futuristic botanical garden […]

Family-Friendly Bangkok Attractions

Bangkok, also known as the City of Angels, is the bustling, vibrant capital of Thailand. It is known for its golden spires, colorful tuk-tuks, and delicious street food. Here you will see modern skyscrapers standing alongside traditional temples. Bangkok is very different from European, American, and African cities. There are many unique things to do here, […]

Staying in the world's most leaning hotel - Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

When researching things to do in Abu Dhabi, there are a few landmarks that are regularly mentioned. One of them is the Capital Gate building. Just 15 minutes away from Abu Dhabi Airport and located next to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), the Capital Gate building is one of the tallest buildings in […]

Road trip to Khuzdar in Balochistan

This is a guest post by Dr Myda Tahir. Balochistan , the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area, is a paradise that is less traveled and less explored. But for the traveler who is looking for breathtaking landscapes or wants to submit himself/herself to the grandeur and magnificence of nature, Balochistan is the place […]

Things to do in Phuket with kids

I did a lot of research before I went to Phuket – as I always do before I travel – and it seemed as though people who’d been to Phuket were divided into two camps. Those who loved it and those - who didn’t. I wondered whether I had made the right decision by choosing […]

Things to do in Penang , Malaysia

Penang is one of Malaysia’s most visited tourist destinations and my favourite city in Malaysia too. Also known as "The Pearl of Orient" it has a lot to offer visitors – history, culture, exotic foods, beautiful beaches and more. There are so many things to do in Penang . Here are some of them. The […]

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