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13 Best Things to do in Nairobi

13 things to do in Nairobi and 6 things to do around Nairobi Nairobi, the country’s bustling capital city, will most likely be your portal to Kenya. These days, it is often overlooked by tourists in favour of Nairobi’s more beautiful attractions and is used as a mere stepping stone to them. However, it was once […]

The Seven Best Things to do in Kenya

Looking for the best things to do in Kenya ? Read on Kenya has a lot to boast about. Incredible wildlife, spectacular landscapes, a warm, tropical coastline, and rich culture and history, are just some of them. Located in East Africa, close to the Equator, this beautiful country attracts thousands of tourists every year. With such […]

Masai Mara - Game viewers paradise

Masai Mara - Game viewers paradise About the Masai Mara The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most visited and renowned game viewing destinations in the world. Located in southwestern Kenya, it encompasses an area of over 1510 km2 and is home to large populations of wildlife. The wide open plains provide excellent […]

Holiday reading and co-incidences?

Holiday reading and co-incidences? Reading books on holiday has a profound impact on the way I experience and perceive my vacation. As I immerse myself in the captivating narratives and rich worlds created by talented authors, the stories unfold before my eyes, transporting me to new realms and introducing me to fascinating characters. Each page […]

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