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How to spend 1 week in Morocco – A 7-day Morocco itinerary

If you are not interested in the humdrum and mundane, and are drawn to places that ooze magic and mystery… If you are captivated by beauty and crave the fierce rhythm of exotic, faraway worlds where mysterious Bedouin tribes rule the desert and snake charmers rule the streets…  If adventure to you means chasing the […]

Which African country do you secretly want to explore?

“If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa twice." - R Elliot Have you ever wondered which African country you secretly want to explore? I’ve been to 10 African countries excluding South Africa and there are still so many that I want to explore. That’s the thing about Africa. Every country is so unique and has […]

The Medina of Fez and other highlights of Morocco

We spent a week in Morocco exploring its highlights. These are some of the places we visited. Highlights of Morocco The Medina of Fez Entering the dusty medina of Fez-el-Bali (old Fez, Morocco) is like walking into The Middle Ages. Built in the 8th century and now one of the oldest surviving medieval cities in […]

Travel agents - Never again?

Yes, I do prefer to use a travel agent when they can offer me a package with lower costs or hassles than I can do myself. But then you get the travel agents who are not interested in the business or those that give you problems every step of the way and you say...Never Again! […]

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