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Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport Review

Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport Review About Qatar Airways Qatar Airways is the national carrier of Qatar and a member of the Oneworld Alliance. It has an extensive global route network, connecting passengers to over 160 destinations worldwide. We’ve flown Qatar Airways a few times, most recently to Hungary in August/September 2023. Accolades Qatar […]

11 best things to do Qatar

The best things to do in Qatar Qatar is a small, but fascinating, country located in the Middle East, close to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Often overshadowed by its neighbours, it is a hidden gem that has a lot to offer visitors. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world […]

Emirates vs Qatar Airways

Emirates vs Qatar Airways I’ve flown on Emirates and Qatar Airways and spent long hours at both their airports on both legs of each journey - in the public areas not the private lounges. I decided to do a review of both airlines and their airports and compare Emirates vs Qatar Airways. Both are consistently […]

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