Top 10 Things To Do In Beijing – Part 2 – Experiences

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6.  Go for an acrobat show

We watched “The Legend of Jinsha”, a superb show with death-defying stunts which had us on the edge of our seats through most of the show. It was by far the best acrobat show I’d ever seen and I have been to Cirque Du Soleil and other world-renowned acrobat shows. The acrobats are fast and flexible and the show was one of the top highlights of my trip. It combines traditional and modern Chinese acrobatics and includes martial arts, motorbikes, and plates with feats that I did not know humans were capable of performing.

Things to do in Beijing

Acrobatics Show

7.  Chinese Health Centre

A doctor looks at your palm and tells you what ailments you suffer from. I won’t say what he told me but I was impressed at how accurate he was with both my husband and I.  This is not palm-reading but rather a traditional form of diagnosis for Chinese health practitioners. They then “transfer energy” to you by touching you with their fingertips. To me, it felt like an electric shock.  Through the translator, they then pressurise you to buy Chinese medicine for your ailment.  At this stage, you feel that you need to buy something after everything they’ve told you, which we did. I can’t say that it really helped with my ailment but the experience was something we’ll remember forever.

8. Visit a jade factory

Jade is a beautiful stone usually associated with the colour green although it can be found in white and orange as well. It is an important symbol for the Chinese, from the time of its ancient civilisations. It stands for beauty, grace, luxury and purity amongst other qualities.  At the jade factory, you can see craftsmen creating their jade works of art and marvel at the thousands of beautiful objects made out of jade.

Things to do in Beijing

Carved Jade

9. Tea-Tasting

You are taken to a tea shop where you are shown different types of tea for different conditions by the tea hostesses. They generally speak good English so they are easy to understand. You get to select your choice of tea depending on your preference (or ailment). The hostess then shows you how to brew the tea in the proper way and you get to drink it. These aren’t the teabag variety of teas. Rather, they are herbs. I was most fascinated with the jasmine flower tea. Hot water is poured over a flower pod which then opens up into a beautiful flower in your cup. My husband, being the tea addict that he is, walked away with several different varieties. You can even buy tea-making and tea-serving sets.

Things to do in Beijing


10. Ride the bullet train

As you leave Beijing, experience the bullet train. It is one of the fastest in the world and goes up to speeds of 380 km/h taking you to other prominent cities in China, in record time. It is clean, comfortable and super-fast.

Things to do in Beijing

Bullet train

Read Top 10 Things To Do In Beijing – Part 1 – Historical Attractions here.

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