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Ichingo Chobe River Lodge – an authentic African river safari experience

As the sun began descending on to the horizon, the impalas and the baboons began streaming onto the riverbanks from the forests over the hill. There were tens of each, big and small. The baboons frolicked playfully while the impalas behaved more gracefully. Then the kudus arrived. They were joined by warthogs and banded mongoose […]

Chobe National Park & the African Quadripoint

Being the safari addict that I am, Chobe National Park had been on my bucket list for a long time. After all, it is one of Africa’s best safari destinations. While researching my trip to Victoria Falls, I was surprised to discover how near it actually was from there.  I was even more pleased to […]

12 Tips for Travelling to Namibia

Namibia is unlike any other country I’ve been to before and I made a few mistakes when travelling there for the first time. However, I have learnt from the experience. Here are my tips for travelling to Namibia . There are 4 main aspects to consider when travelling to Namibia on a DIY trip:  flights […]

What to expect on a safari

Going on safari is an incredible experience, one that I personally cannot get enough of. The more I go, the more I want to go. It is also unlike any other holiday you may have been on and it is therefore helpful to know what to expect when going on your first safari. 1. Early […]

Throwback to my short holiday in Cairo

Several years ago, I spent a few days in Cairo with my family en route from the Middle East. It was the day after Eid and the atmosphere was joyous and celebratory. We stood at the window of our opulent bedroom in the Ramses Hilton Hotel and looked at the brightly lit feluccas on the […]

Top Ten Highlights of Namibia

If you're the type of person who is attracted to places big on space and low on crowds, then Namibia will be right up your alley. It is the second most sparsely populated country in the world. (The first is Mongolia). However, the solitude is not the main attraction. Rather, it should be the spectacular […]

5 of the best safari destinations in Africa

A safari holiday is certainly one of the most unique vacation options available, and when it comes to deciding upon a destination, Africa will likely be at the forefront of your mind. But whereabouts exactly should you go? Here are five of the best safari destinations in Africa . Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Arguably the […]

The Spitzkoppe Mountains of Namibia

North-east of Swakopmund in Namibia, in the Southern Damaraland, you will find a group of mountains with striking granite peaks and smooth boulders in unusual shapes and sizes. More than 700 million years old, the main peak is often referred to as the "Matterhorn of Namibia", due to its resemblance to its Swiss counterpart. The other-worldly mountains are […]

My Airbnb experience + an Airbnb discount code for you!

Airbnb was founded in 2008. Its popularity has been snowballing over the years since then.  However, I had been shying away from using the portal because of a (mis)conception that it entailed sleeping in a room in someone's house while they were there too. As I value my privacy and space, this did not appeal […]

The Seven Best Things to do in Kenya

Kenya has a lot to boast about. Incredible wildlife, spectacular landscapes, a warm, tropical coastline, and rich culture and history, are just some of them. Located in East Africa, close to the Equator, this beautiful country attracts thousands of tourists every year. With such a diverse range of attractions to choose from, visitors are spoilt for […]

Etosha Safari Lodge - Family-friendly gateway to Etosha

Etosha is the oldest national park in Namibia, and one of the largest national parks in Africa. What makes it special is the Etosha Pan, a huge shimmering white salt pan spanning almost 5000 kilometres and a quarter of the park. The Etosha Pan is the largest salt pan in Africa and the park’s most […]

Okonjima and the AfriCat Foundation

Why does man destroy that which he does not understand? When we destroy in ignorance, we reap the unexpected . . . It is only through education, that the men, women and children of Africa will come to understand that we must learn to live within our wilderness and not without." Author Unknown The award-winning Okonjima Nature […]

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