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4 amazing destinations to visit in China

China is an astonishing country to explore – deservedly floating near the top of every globetrotter's bucket list. Few countries on earth can offer such a combination of staggering terrains, exotic cultures and stimulating experiences. China isn't just another country where you go for a relaxing stay – it's a place where you'll dive into […]

Top 10 Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing is a fascinating city with many things to do, including historical attractions and experiences. Here are my top ten things to do in Beijing 1.  The Great Wall Of China This may sound clichéd but this is the No. 1 thing to do in Beijing – even though The Great Wall is not restricted […]

Air China Review & What To Do In Beijing Airport On Long Layovers

A Layover at Beijing Airport When I initially discovered that the return leg of my flight from Phuket to Johannesburg on Air China involved a 14 -hour layover at Beijing airport, my first thought was about what we would do for such a long time at the airport. There's nothing worse when travelling than long […]

China Travels - Beijing , Xian and Shanghai in a week

The Great Wall of China should be renamed The Great Walk of China. My Fitbit (step counter) registered over 1000 steep steps going up and then another 1000 steps down and that was just in the tiny section we visited. The Great Wall is over 8000 km long extending from the East to the West […]

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