Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

Travel Resources

I use Tripadvisor before every trip - to compare flight and hotel prices across different platforms, to read reviews, to decide on things to do wherever we are traveling and to ask questions on the forums. It's a valuable resource I can't do without. They also have special deals on different destinations. Check them out here.

Book Accommodation

Travel Resources

After deciding on a hotel and comparing prices on Tripadvisor, I usually end up booking with . They have one of the biggest hotel and apartment selections in the world, and most of their accommodation can be cancelled free until just before your trip, if the need arises. This perfect for those who prefer flexibility - like me. Book here.

Travel resources

Recently, I've started using Airbnb to book accommodation as well. We usually travel as a family, and in some cities, it's hard to find hotel rooms for 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Airbnb has a wide selection of apartments, which offer more space and flexibility. You can also book, castles, igloos, tree-houses and all sorts of other accommodation. These days, you can book experiences too. If you use my Airbnb link to book, you will get a discount off your first stay.

Plan Your Safari

Travel Resources

Design your own African safari on Timbuktu Travel.Choose your preferred African destinations and lodges and let their friendly team do the rest for you.

Book Activities

Travel Resources

GetYourGuide is the world's largest online platform for booking travel tours, attractions and activities in more than 7,300 destinations around the world. You can rest assured that you are getting the maximum number of choices at the best possible price. The reviews will help you make the best decision. The best part is that there is free cancellation up to 24 hours before an activity starts, in case your plans change or you can't make it anymore. Book your activities with Get Your Guide.

Book Transport


Omio shows you the best and cheapest transport options for your journey. You can compare and book train, bus or flight tickets for your destination. Once you've found the best option, booking is easy. Compare your transport options here.

Book cars

Although we usually use public transport in foreign countries, some places do not have a reliable or safe public transport system. And sometimes, you may be travelling with luggage, which may make public transport inconvenient. In these cases, when available, we always choose to use Uber instead of taxis, to get around. It helps to know exactly how much your trip will cost you upfront, without getting overcharged by unscrupulous taxi drivers. Sign up here.

Book Insurance

World Nomads

Travel insurance is essential as anything can go wrong when travelling. If your credit card company does not offer free travel insurance or if you require additional cover, then consider World Nomads. They  offer travel insurance for independent travellers from more than 130+ countries and are trusted by big names like Lonely Planet. You can buy, extend & claim insurance online and get 24 hour worldwide assistance. Sign up here.

Travel Gear

Travel Resources  is the largest online retailer in the world. They have the widest variety of travel gear and accessories. They also deliver worldwide, although customs duties may apply in some countries.  Check out their Travel GearPlan Your Trip 1.

Blogging Resources

Cloud storage

Plan Your Trip 2

Dropbox is a free cloud service that lets you store your files, photos, and videos and share them easily.  I use it to store my articles as I'm writing them as well as other documents I can't afford to lose. I also store copies of passports, visas, airline and hotel reservations, unabridged birth certificates and other important documents when travelling - in case our documents get lost or stolen. I then share this folder with my husband so that he has access to it in his Dropbox folder too.

Books on blogging

Travel Resources

So how do you start a blog? Many books have been written about this topic. Find the best and biggest variety of books on Blogging booksPlan Your Trip 1.

Click here for a detailed guide on planning your trip.

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