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2022 Travel Year in Review

2022 Travel Year in Review I can’t believe that I am already writing about my 2022 year in travel. It seems like just yesterday, that I was writing about 2021. This post has become an annual tradition for me and I love doing it as a personal record of my travels for the year. Thankfully, […]

8 Best Vlogging Cameras For 2022

Best Vlogging Cameras For 2022 Vlogging has become a real trend these days. Apart from being a great hobby, this practice also helps people earn an income. By making daily vlogs of their life, the vlogger can get a lot of engagement and become famous overnight. Whether you are packing your bag for the beach […]

The South African eVisa – what you need to know

The South African eVisa – what you need to know Often referred to as a world in one country, South Africa is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. It has evolved into a major holiday destination for international travellers thanks to its natural beauty, exciting wildlife safaris, historic attractions, adrenalin […]

My 2021 Travel Year in Review

My 2021 Travel Year in Review 2021 was like an extension of 2020 although we did get more opportunities to travel locally. The year began tentatively, because we kept expecting our January travel plans to get cancelled, as parts of the country were at the height of the second wave. Fortunately, we didn’t go into […]

5 Top Vacation Destinations for 2022

5 Top Vacation Destinations for 2022 Royalty-free image: Anyone looking forward to taking a vacation in 2022 should consider these top getaway destinations. They have plenty to offer, and there are many affordable vacation packages, resorts, and accommodations in all of them. They also promise to provide travelers with the excitement and adventure they […]

The Big 5 of Africa : Bush Basics

The Big 5 of Africa How well do you know your  wildlife? If bush jargon confuses you, then this guide to African wildlife will give you the basic information you need to know before your safari, and answer some commonly asked wildlife questions. Although I discuss the Big 5 of Africa , I will also […]

10 amazing books about Africa that you must read

In keeping with the Africa theme on this blog, here are 10 Books about Africa that you must read, “There are as many Africas as there are books about Africa — and as many books about it as you could read in a leisurely lifetime. Whoever writes a new one can afford a certain complacency […]

How to plan an international trip – DIY for beginners

How to plan an international trip These days, booking a trip yourself has become infinitely easier with the Internet. However, people often say that they prefer to use travel agents because they are afraid to plan a trip themselves – afraid of doing something wrong, afraid of booking the wrong flights, afraid of booking accommodation […]

Flying during Covid times – Local flight experience

Flying during Covid times – A local flight experience It had been a year since we were last on a plane . We had flown to Cape Town in March 2020 but our trip had ended abruptly when the president announced the very first lockdown and we had to rush home by car because flights […]

Travellers' Tales Around The World

Interested in  Travellers' Tales From Around The World ? Read on.... I started the “Travellers’ Tales ” section in 2016 and I have now published over 120 interviews. Over hundred travellers from around the world have shared their fascinating travels on my blog thus far. Find the links to their interviews below. Are you looking for travel […]

How Forex is Beneficial for Travellers in 2021

How Forex is Beneficial for Travellers in 2021  While the coronavirus remains a health issue at its core, it has also had a huge impact on the world’s socio-economic climate and tourism sector. According to Statista, the number of international tourist arrivals fell by as much as 1.1 billion throughout 2020, while some countries are […]

2020 – My year in review

My 2020 year in review To borrow the words of Queen Elizabeth II, 2020 was an annus horribilis for the world. The kind of year we don't ever want to see again. The year began innocently enough. After a busy year in 2019, we spent the first few days of January 2020 “recovering” from the high […]

Get Paid to Travel : The Globetrotter’s Dream

Get Paid to Travel : The Globetrotter’s Dream Well, I say “globetrotter’s dream”, but it’s really everybody’s dream, right? There is no one who will recoil at the idea of living freely, immersing themselves in new cultures, soaking up the sun, forging friendships, and boosting their career credentials. The issue clearly isn’t the dream, but merely […]

39 signs that you are a travel addict

39 signs that you are a travel addict My earliest travel memory, apart from a safari in Kruger National Park, was when I was seven years old. I travelled with my family from South Africa to India, on my first international trip. That trip instilled a love of travel within me, which has never left […]

Lockdown Around The World - Part 3

Today is Day 35 of lockdown in South Africa. We are looking forward to the easing of our lockdown restrictions from tomorrow - 1 May.  In this post, I chat to people from Finland, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Canada, England, Zimbabwe, USA and Australia. Read Lockdown Experiences Part 1 and Part 2 . Linda – Vantaa, […]

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