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14 Best Things To Do In Bratislava, Slovakia

The best things to do in Bratislava Exploring Bratislava: Discovering the Magic of Slovakia's Capital Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is a city teeming with history, architectural beauties, and cultural experiences. Though it may be smaller in size compared to other European capitals, its charm is undeniable. We visited Bratislava from Vienna, en route to […]

The Courtyard Hotel Arcadia – a serene Pretoria getaway

The Courtyard Hotel Arcadia Review The upmarket suburb of Arcadia, in the heart of Pretoria, is known for its tree-lined streets, historical buildings and plethora of foreign embassies. In an area of this suburb known as Embassy Row, is a historic manor house, which now serves as the centrepiece of the Courtyard Hotel Arcadia. We […]

40 Ways to Celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa

Heritage Day in South Africa "When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation." Former President Nelson Mandela Heritage Day in South Africa is celebrated annually […]

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere by Hyatt : A Luxury Stay in Vienna

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere Review Visiting Vienna, the capital of Austria, is akin to taking a step back in time and entering a realm where art, culture, and history meld seamlessly into every corner. Amid this setting, the Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere by Hyatt isn’t just another luxurious place to rest your head; it's a […]

16 Unique Things to do in Pretoria

Things to do in Pretoria Before inter-provincial travel re-opened, lockdown had been restricting us to outings in our own province. It was challenging finding things to do in Gauteng that we hadn't done before, and we found ourselves spending more time in Pretoria, exploring its attractions, and thereby prompting this post. Also known by its […]

9 Best things to do in the Eastern Cape

The Best things to do in the Eastern Cape The second largest province in South Africa by area, and the third largest by population, the Eastern Cape is an unsung treasure with an abundance of things to do, as well as a great destination for a road trip.  We especially love the nature, wildlife and […]

10 Best Things To Do In South Africa With Kids

The Best Things to Do in South Africa with Kids South Africa, with its rich culture and heritage, unparalleled natural beauty, and amazing adventure opportunities is not just an adult’s playground. It's also a wonderland for children of all ages. From exciting wildlife safaris to enchanting beaches and exhilarating adventures, South Africa boasts a multitude […]

EL&N London opens up in Johannesburg

EL&N London opens up in Johannesburg The latest international eatery to open up in South Africa, EL&N Cafe (pronounced e-lan) is a popular café chain that originated in London, United Kingdom and has since expanded to other locations around the globe. EL&N stands for Eat, Live & Nourish. The cafe is touted as the "most Instagrammable […]

How to apply for a Schengen visa for Hungary and some general Schengen visa tips

How to apply for a Schengen visa for Hungary and some general Schengen visa tips A Schengen visa is required to travel to Hungary. It is one of the most onerous visas to apply for, along with USA and UK visas. General points about Schengen visas The Schengen Visa is a short stay visa that […]

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