11 Ways To Travel Without Breaking The Bank

How to travel without breaking the bank

I love travelling but I prefer not to spend too much on my holidays because that makes me feel guilty...and indulgent.  Having a tight budget does not mean that you can’t travel. It just means that you will have to travel more efficiently. There are plenty of ways to travel without breaking the bank and without going into debt, which I would never recommend. The key is to be smart about your spending and to know where to look for deals.

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t like to travel? Nobody. But if you ask most people why they don’t travel, they’d mention something along the lines of “it’s too expensive”, “I don’t have the money” or something similar. Well, it’s time to stop making that excuse and step out of your comfort zone. The rewards are so worth it. Here are 10 ways that you can travel without breaking the bank.

  1. Start off small. Be a tourist in your own city. Go and see the sights that others come from far and wide to see. This may sound strange but it happens. I know of people from Johannesburg that have never been to Soweto and people from Cape Town that haven’t been on Table Mountain. Yes, it’s true.
  2. Look out for specials. There are many websites that offer great travel and accommodation deals like Daddy’s Deals, SafariNow, Flook, Airbnb etc. Subscribe to their newsletters and book that deal when you are ready.
  3. Travel during off-peak season. If you don’t have school-going children then don’t wait for the school holidays to travel. Flights and accommodation prices are usually much lower during off-peak seasons so if you can be flexible with your travel dates, you’ll be more likely to find cheaper rates.
  4. Look at self-catering options instead of buying dinner, bed and breakfast. Visit the nearest supermarket and buy foods that you can easily whip up into a meal for yourself – some of the time.
  5. Couch surf- Find couch surfers at your destination and stay for free at their homes. Visit Couchsurfing for more information.
  6. Swap homes- If you own a house or apartment in any city, advertise it on a home-swapping website like Home Exchange then find someone with a house at the place you want to visit. You can then agree on dates and swap residences for the duration of your trip.
How to travel without breaking the bank

The garden of our Airbnb

Once you’re ready to take the leap and change your life, you can consider the following options.

  1. Join an airline’s cabin crew or work on a cruise ship. Airlines and cruise ships are always advertising for staff. The cruises that I have been on have typically had staff from over 100 countries. Many enjoy it, while some find it difficult to be away from their families for so long.
  2. Teach English abroad– Although some countries do hire native English speakers without qualifications, it will benefit you to have an accredited TEFL certification course.
  3. If the thought of calming mini-tantrums doesn’t drive you up the wall then consider becoming an au pair for a family in a foreign country. There are several websites that specialise in placing au pairs.
  4. Join a volunteer program –Voluntourism is a great way to make a meaningful contribution while travelling. You could be helping people or you could be looking after animals. Visit Volunteering websites for more information.
  5. Look for other short-term work abroad. Visit The Career Break Site for available jobs.

As St Augustine once said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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