8 Best Things To Do in Lafayette

Lafayette is a small town in Colorado, north of Denver and east of Boulder and the Rocky Mountains. It was founded in 1888 by Mary E. Miller, one of the first residents in the area. She named it Lafayette after her late husband. Today, there are over 28,000 people in the town. It has an attractive downtown area with coffee shops and boutique stores as well as many city parks and mountain lodges, which help to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape. There is no shortage of accommodation in Lafayette, not to mention great attractions.

Here are the 8 Best Things To Do in Lafayette

Have Fun at Waneka Lake Park

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Waneka Lake Park is a popular 147-acre recreation park with picturesque views of Waneka Lake and the nearby mountains. You can walk, run, or bike on the path around the lake, go fishing or canoeing in the lake, play disc golf, or have a picnic. Smaller kids will enjoy playing in the playground.

View Wildlife at Greenlee Wildlife Preserve

Greenlee Wildlife Preserve is adjacent to Waneka Lake and was created as a sanctuary for wildlife and native plants. There is a wildlife viewing platform with information on local fauna and flora. Here you may see coyotes, fox, and deer. It is also a birdwatcher's paradise.

Play and Learn at Wow! Children's Museum

Wow! is an interactive museum that educates children in science, art, life, and more. The museum has fun exhibits which the kids can play and learn with, including a bank to practice using money, a grocery store, and a pirate ship. They can ask questions, experiment, and apply the lessons they learn to real-world experiences.

Hunt for Treasures at Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market

The Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market hosts around 175 individual vendors selling antiques, collectibles, furniture, and décor. You can spend the whole day hunting for either treasures or bargains, depending on your budget. The market is rated as one of the top flea markets in the U.S. It is open every day.

Step Back in Time at the Miners Museum

Lafayette has its origins in mining, and the Lafayette Miners Museum showcases the history of the town from the early days of the pioneers, through the coal mining years, to the present. The building in which it is housed was once occupied by miners.

Play Golf at Indian Peaks Golf Course

The 18-hole Indian Peaks Golf Course is one of the top public golf courses in Colorado thanks to its scenic views, lakes and creeks, color-coded distance system driving range, and great greens.

Go Hiking on the Coal Creek Trail

Between Lafayette and Louisville is a beautiful and gentle hiking trail with wildflowers. It is suitable for all skill levels. The trail is also used for biking, easy runs, and dogs.

Attend a Festival

Lafayette hosts festivals throughout the year. Some of the most popular ones are the Oatmeal Festival in January which focuses on healthy lifestyles, and the Peach Festival in August which celebrates the humble peach.

If you are looking for relaxation, small-town charm, and hospitality, then be sure to visit Lafayette.

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