Review: All-Star Hybrid Backpack by Solo

All-Star Hybrid Backpack by Solo - Review

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” - Antoine de St. Exupery, author of The Little Prince.

Sometimes, one needs a backback. At other times a briefcase is required. Then there are times when only a duffel bag will do. But you don’t have the money or the space for three bags. No problem. Meet the All-Star Hybrid Backpack by Solo.

In case you don’t know, Solo makes stylish, affordable bags for all sorts of people and lifestyles. Based in New York City, their goal is “to keep you moving in style with cool, thoughtfully-designed bags and tablet cases.”

What do you look for in a bag? For me, it should be versatile, easily portable, attractive, light but strong, and have many compartments. Then I came across the All-Star Hybrid Backpack. As someone who loves value deals, I immediately liked the sound of a hybrid bag and decided to put it to the test. So far, I’ve used it for clothes, my laptop, my camera equipment, and my documents, as well as a combination of these. This is how it measured up.

All-Star Hybrid Backpack

All-Star Hybrid Backpack by Solo - Features

  1. It is very versatile. How many bags can transform from a duffel bag into a backpack into a light briefcase?
  2. It is easily portable, with four handles and a set of shoulder straps which can be discreetly hidden away.
  3. It is light, weighing a mere 0.99 kilograms. Even a physically unfit person like me can carry it easily.
  4. It has a large capacity and can fit quite a bit in it, considering its light weight and small-ish exterior.
  5. It has multiple compartments and pockets, including a separate shoe/laundry compartment, an internal organizer section and small pockets for stationery, cables or toiletries.
  6. It comes with a padded pocket that can hold up to 15″ sized laptops.
  7. It is sleek, modern, attractive and street-smart.
  8. It is comfortable to carry around. (It doesn’t have wheels though, as they would have made it heavier.)
  9. It is a great deal because you are getting 3 bags for the price of one.All-Star Hybrid Backpack

Who should buy it?

  • If you are someone who travels overnight regularly, then this hybrid backpack will allow you to stay on the go without the need to carry separate pieces of luggage around for your clothes and work- related items. Just adjust the bag to suit your needs at that point in time.
  • Air travellers on short stays can use this bag as a carry-all cabin bag without having to check-in luggage.
  • Someone who wants to give a unique, functional gift.
  • University StudentsAll-Star Hybrid Backpack

In South Africa, the Solo bags are distributed by Gammatek SA.

If you are not in South Africa, you can purchase the bag here.

"Solo makes a range of backpacks that the cool kids are clamoring for." Forbes

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See this video showing how this bag can be used.

Disclosure: This bag was gifted to me by Gammatek SA but all opinions are my own.


2 comments on “Review: All-Star Hybrid Backpack by Solo”

  1. Hi Sara,

    Great review about the "All-Star Hybrid Backpack".
    I came by your site through the Becoming a Blogger FB site.

    Loved reading about those beautiful countries.
    I only have been (in Africa) to Egypt, Morocco & Tunisia. Hopefully I will have the change to visit some of the other countries too.

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