Must-have Apps to download before your Safari Adventure

Must-have Apps to download before your Safari Adventure

The global safari tourism market size was worth $33.37bn in 2022 and looks set to grow considerably in coming years. Our love for the exotic, and curiosity about lesser-known parts of the planet is feeding this growth and people also feel safer traveling to more remote locations. Wildlife tourism must be approached carefully, with care and consideration for the local community but booking a safari can be one of the most exciting opportunities available to you.

Once you’ve taken the plunge and booked your big adventure, it’s time to get organized. While safari is often a fantastic opportunity to live in a way that is much more in tune with nature, you’re unlikely to leave your cell phone behind and there are many helpful and fun apps out there that can enhance your safari experience and make the trip even more enjoyable.

Packing Apps

OK, so packing for your big adventure probably isn’t even in your top ten highlights, but it’s still something that has to be done. You may have a rough idea of the best things to pack for your safari, but there are now plenty of ingenious packing apps out there to help.

With the right packing app, you can simply input your destination and travel dates and the app will throw up all those essential items you need in your back. Packing apps may be weather-driven or based on location and you can quickly find out the essential items you have to have in your travel case.

Must-have Apps to download before your Safari


Tracker and Identification Apps

The main point of going on safari is to see as many animals as possible, and while guided tours and planned excursions will ensure this is the case, you may want to do a bit of your own research too. You will find a wide range of animal tracker and identification apps, and also apps for identifying flowers and other plant life. They usually work by quickly snapping a photo of any creature, plant or bug. The app will then compare this photo to its database and give you the most likely match.

There are also tracking apps with journal features so you can store and save all your findings and enjoy a digital keepsake of your trip.

Stargazing Apps

The unpolluted night sky is one of the finest features of a remote African lodge but recognizing constellations and picking out planets isn’t a skill many of us possess naturally. As you settle to sleep under the stars a good stargazing app could be the perfect partner for locating and identifying different celestial bodies.

Fun and Relaxation Apps

For a bit of fun at the airport and to get you into the safari spirit, downloading a fun safari-themed game is bound to help build up that excitement. You may also want to stock up on audiobooks and other downloadable entertainment as while Wi-Fi is in fairly good supply you may find that there isn’t the greatest connection in your overnight accommodation and coverage may go up and down.

While heading off on safari can be a chance for a digital detox, downloading a small number of specific apps that will enhance your experience is a great idea.

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