40 Ways to Celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa

Heritage Day in South Africa

"When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation." Former President Nelson Mandela

Heritage Day in South Africa is celebrated annually on the 24th of September to recognize and embrace the rich cultural diversity and history of the country. Previously known as Shaka Day, it was declared a public holiday and renamed “Heritage Day” in 1995.

Given South Africa's tumultuous past, with apartheid and various forms of colonial rule, it's essential for the nation to have a day dedicated to reconciliation, unity, and celebration of its multiple identities. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Heritage Day encourages South Africans from all backgrounds to come together and celebrate their differences as well as their shared identity as South Africans.
  2. The day serves as a reminder of the country's past, the struggles faced by its people, and the progress made towards a unified nation.
  3. Heritage Day provides a platform for individuals to learn about other cultures. This promotes mutual respect and understanding among the various communities.
  4. Celebrating this day emphasizes the importance of preserving South Africa's cultural heritage for future generations.

Here are 40 ways to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa

South African foods


  1. Braai: Considering that Heritage Day is also known as National Braai Day, one of the most popular traditions is to have a "braai”.
  2. Traditional Attire: Dress in traditional South African clothing representative of one's cultural group.
  3. Storytelling: Share stories of South African traditions and folklore with younger generations.
  4. Craft Workshops: Participate in or organize workshops on traditional crafts, such as beadwork or pottery.
  5. Food: Prepare and share traditional South African dishes like bobotie, bunny chow, or malva pudding.
  6. Language: Learn a few phrases or songs in one of the 11 official languages you're unfamiliar with.
  7. Local Films: Watch South African films or documentaries that celebrate the nation's heritage.
  8. Community Gatherings: Organize or attend community events celebrating various cultures.
  9. Cooking Classes: Attend classes on traditional South African cooking.
  10. Visit Museums: Go to heritage sites like history museums or places like Robben Island to learn about the nation's history.

    Nelson Mandela sites

    Robben Island (cc: South African Tourism via Flickr)

  11. Heritage Sites: Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Cradle of Humankind or visit Nelson Mandela sites.
  12. Plant Indigenous Trees: Contribute to the environment by planting native trees or plants.
  13. Art Exhibits: Visit an exhibit showcasing South African art.
  14. Heritage Tours: Take a heritage walking tour in your city.
  15. Research Ancestry: Delve into your own family history and create a family tree.
  16. Poetry & Literature: Read South African books or poetry.
  17. Community Service: Volunteer in communities to promote unity and cultural understanding.
  18. Cultural Exhibitions: Organize or attend exhibitions showcasing different cultural traditions.
  19. Drama & Theatre: Attend plays or performances highlighting South African stories.
  20. Visit Nature Reserves: Explore the country's natural heritage by visiting its national parks.

    Leopard - things to do in Limpopo

    Kruger National Park

  21. Documentary Screenings: Host or attend documentary screenings relevant to Heritage Day.
  22. Sport: Play or watch traditional sports or games.
  23. Heritage Day Festivals: Attend local festivals celebrating the day.
  24. Collaborative Art: Create a community mural celebrating diversity.
  25. Craft Fairs: Attend or set up fairs where traditional crafts are sold.
  26. Photography Exhibits: Showcase South African life, landscapes, and cultures through photography.
  27. Potluck Dinners: Host a potluck where everyone brings a traditional dish.
  28. Local Markets: Support local artisans by shopping at markets showcasing traditional crafts.

    how to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa

    Rosebank Craft Market

  29. Cultural Workshops: Learn about traditional customs, etiquette, and ceremonies.
  30. Fashion Shows: Organize or attend fashion shows highlighting traditional attire.
  31. Community Mosaic Projects: Create community art pieces with multicultural themes.
  32. Family Gatherings: Use the day to spend quality time with family, sharing stories and traditions.
  33. Educational Programs: Schools can incorporate special programs or lessons on Heritage Day.
  34. Cultural Exchange: Partner with a friend or neighbour to exchange cultural practices or meals.
  35. Go Camping: Camp/glamp in traditional ways or in culturally significant places.

    Cradle Of Humankind

    Glamping in Cradle Of Humankind

  36. Radio & Podcasts: Tune into radio shows or podcasts discussing Heritage Day.
  37. Make a Heritage Scrapbook: Compile photos, recipes, and stories representing personal and national heritage.
  38. Reflect & Respect: Take a moment to reflect on the nation's journey and appreciate the diversity that makes South Africa unique.
  39. Make a donation to a wildlife cause.
  40. Heritage Day Awards: Recognize individuals who have contributed to preserving cultural heritage.

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