A short visit to Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay

When researching things to do in Foz Do Iguacu, I discovered that visiting Ciudad Del Este , the second largest city in Paraguay, was a popular option. Visiting another country, even for a short while, was something I couldn't resist, even though we didn't have much time.

The first time we tried to do it, on a weekday, we drove with our rental car towards the border. The traffic was horrendous. A few kilometres away from the border, touts began accosting us, insisting that we had to park there in order to go to Paraguay as there would be no nearer place than that to park. Of course, they wanted to charge us inflated prices for the privilege. We gave up and returned to our hotel, disappointed.

Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay

The Parana River

The second time, we asked a taxi to take us to the border. It was a Sunday morning. In marked contrast to our previous attempt, the roads were quiet.  The taxi driver dropped us off at the border post where we got our passports stamped then crossed the Friendship Bridge over the Parana River into Paraguay. As South African passport holders we didn't require visas. This was a pleasure as we normally need visas to most places.

Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay

Mosque in Paraguay

On the Paraguay side, we got our passports stamped again. Many people cross over without stamping their passports as there are no strict security checks. But where's the fun in visiting a new country without getting the stamp to prove it?

Ciudad Del Este was very different from Foz do Iguacu. All we saw on entering the city were shopping centres upon shopping centres. There were large crowds of people and heavy traffic.

Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay

A little boy sleeps outside the shops

We walked around the shopping centres and the markets for a whole, just browsing. Some of the shops were closing at around midday. Then we took a taxi , intending to go to a restaurant that had been recommended to us. After the taxi had dropped us off, we realised that it was not the right place, but he had left already. There were no other restaurants nearby. Getting another taxi was a bit of a mission. A local security guard helped us to get one. When we got one, he agreed to drop us off at our hotel in Brazil. That was the end of our (very) short visit to Paraguay.

Foz Do Iguacu

Three Border Frontier

What I found fascinating was how easily borders were traversed in this part of the world because of friendly relations between the neighbours.

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