Life’s a Journey

Life’s a Journey

I am a travel addict.

It is the excitement of discovering magical places, and the vibrancy and diversity one encounters every step of the way that has me addicted. I was fortunate to have married a man who shares my passion for travel and in our 11 years together we have journeyed to many destinations around the world, frequently opting for the road less travelled. Our children began travelling with us shortly after they were born and love it as well.

Often we discover that some of the most beautiful places are right on our doorstep and we alternate our local travels with international destinations. One early morning last year, we bundled our kids into their car seats and set off from Johannesburg to Cape Town along the N1. Armed with our copy of “On Route in South Africa” which provided interesting history and entertaining anecdotes about the places we drove through – and some snacks and DVD’s to keep the children happy - we proceeded on an interesting journey of discovery.

We drove through Bloemfontein and took a slight detour some time later, to view the mighty Gariep Dam, the country’s largest reservoir. We made a stop in Richmond, South Africa’s only “book town” then past Victoria West, with its charming 19-th century cottages and the Three Sisters, named after three prominent sugarloaf hills with distinctive crowns. We spent the night in Beaufort West which is often referred to as “the capital of Karoo” and is where Dr. Christiaan Barnard, the prominent heart surgeon, was born and grew up.

Refreshed the next morning, we continued our journey, stopping for a walk in the museum town of Matjiesfontein, where The Blue Train had stopped for the night. Matjiesfontein was a health resort in the 1880’s and took us back in time to another era.

Then was a stop in Worcester and through to the Dutoitskloof Pass to our destination, Cape Town. A week later, our return journey took us for a few days to the picturesque Garden Route and then to Johannesburg, passing through Kimberley and the Big Hole en route. We had had an awesome holiday wherein we had learnt so much of our beautiful country’s history and seen so much of its endless beauty and my family and I had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Life's a Journey

Upon this grand expanse of blue and green, We etch our stories, though unseen, Inscribed on the parchment of time unseen, Life's a journey, not a dream.

From icy peaks to golden sands, Through emerald forests, desolate lands, Footprints sewn across the expanse, Life's a journey, not a happenstance.

Life's a journey, a ceaseless tide, A wistful train on an endless ride, Our souls echoing an explorer's pride, In every corner, mystery hides.

We cross the valleys of joys and tears, Bearing the weight of hopes and fears, Through seasons of love, and the passing years, Life's a journey, a dance with the spheres.

Each heart carries its own compass, Guided by dreams, fuelled by the impetus, Chasing the horizon's opus, Life's a journey, unobvious.

Through the grand tapestry of human flight, In the hush of stars and the pale moonlight, An intimate dance between day and night, Life's a journey, in the infinite twilight.

The chronicle of every living soul, Unravelling mysteries, fulfilling a role, Lost and found in the cosmic scroll, Life's a journey, from pole to pole.

We are all travellers in this cosmic ballet, Carving paths in our own unique way, Savoring every moment, every day, For life's a journey, not just the stay.

In the end, it's not about the goal, But the wisdom gained, the hearts consoled, The journey itself, the tales of old, Life's a journey, a story to be told.

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