Experiencing Namibia By Motorcycle

Experiencing Namibia By Motorcycle

Namibia has some of the most stunning scenery in the world, and this has now been recognised by the influential World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Describing Namibia as being one of the best self-drive locations in the world, the WTTC found there are few better places to enjoy a scenic tour by vehicle. To get the very best experience during your trip to Namibia, it’s well worth considering using a motorcycle.

Why a motorcycle?

Both new and used models, ranging from high tech electric cycles to dirt bikes, are popular across the varied nations that make up Africa. Figures reported by Quartz estimate that this number will double over the next few years. As a result, there is a plethora of equipment to help you on your way, in addition to plenty of mechanical help across Namibia’s towns and cities.

The main road networks are extensive, too, making A to B journeys simple. As for the experience itself, being on a motorbike gives you a lot of flexibility. The sense of freedom when cruising on the back of a bike can be hard to beat, too. Most importantly, the small scale and ability of motorcycles can help you to visit hard-to-reach areas.

Experiencing Namibia By Motorcycle 1

Image by Hans Wakataitea via Flickr

Secluded areas of natural beauty

Namibia benefits from having a small population despite its huge size. In their travel guide for the area, The Independent outlines how this lack of human interaction has created areas of stunning natural beauty. A motorbike can give you unprecedented and quick access to many of them, most notably the wild and lush Caprivi Strip and the ancient culture laid down at Twyfelfontein. The tight boulders and rugged landscape here can be difficult to traverse with freedom on any vehicle bar a two-wheeler.

Areas for enthusiasts

Namibia has a great natural history and wildlife scene, but there’s a distinctly modern edge to it, too. Motorcycle culture runs deep in the country, and tourists have moved there permanently to open their own motorcycle-themed workshops and events. Several wild areas hold motorcycle rallies and competitions, and veteran motorcycle rider Marc Coma recently trained with F1 driver Fernando Alonso in the country. Essentially, there’s a thriving motor sports scene that will add a great touch of ‘the new’ to any trip.

Elegant Desert Lodge

Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

Namibia is a wild and vast country, and this lends itself to traversing it via motorcycle. Far from being alone, anyone opting for two-wheel transport will find a thriving system there to provide support. Even outside of the wild areas, motorcycle culture is thriving, providing a real and exciting way to enjoy the country.

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