New ride at Gold Reef City & how to get discounted tickets

A new ride at Gold Reef City

I was recently invited to the launch of Gold Reef City’s new ride -The High Flying Maverick along with a bunch of other bloggers and celebrities. Thanks to my kids, I am a theme park fan too, so I jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first people to experience the latest addition to Gold Reef City’s collection of 30 rides.

The unique aeronautical ride has a 9/10 fear factor rating, same as The Anaconda. The only ride to surpass this rating at Gold Reef City is the Tower of Terror, the only thrill ride at the theme park which I haven’t been brave enough to experience yet.

On the morning of the launch, the overcast skies and light rain threatened to dampen our plans. However, by 9:30 am it had cleared up, so my husband and I set off for Gold Reef City. Unfortunately, the kids were not invited. Needless to say,  saying that they were not happy is an understatement, and we had to promise to take them soon.

Gold Reef City

Breakfast TIme

On arrival at the theme park, we assembled at Barney’s Restaurant from where we were taken to the High Flying Maverick. There we were welcomed with gifts of cool Volkano Action Cameras to record our rides and keep thereafter. After some light-hearted speeches, we were introduced to the new ride, which promised to take us on a journey which replicates the motions and experiences of an acrobatic aeroplane flight. This was followed by an aerobatics show by some of South Africa’s top stunt pilots, an appropriate prelude to what was to follow. We enjoyed a light buffet breakfast throughout the proceedings.

Volkano Action Camera

Cool Gift

Then it was time to experience the ride. We sat in our “cockpit seats” and ground control ensured that we were securely restrained. We began ascending to an altitude and immediately began twisting and turning, diving and looping, challenging gravity to the extreme. I have been to some of the worlds top theme parks but I had never experienced a ride like this before. All around me, I could hear the excited screams of the other passengers. Eventually we landed. It had been an adrenalin-pumping, gravity-defying, stomach-churning experience but it was definitely exhilarating.

Gold Reef City

View from The Big Wheel

Once the launch had ended, we strolled around the park and enjoyed some of our old favourite attractions, before returning to our kids. It’s time to take them now.

New ride at Gold Reef City

The High Flying Maverick

Here's a preview of the ride.

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How to get discounted tickets ar Gold Reef City

Did you know that you can get discounted tickets to Gold Reef City by joining the free Rewards programme? You can save between R50 and R90 depending on the reward level you are on.

Read more about the time we stayed at Gold Reef City.

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