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"Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life'" Michael Palin

For the love of travel

From the mountains high to the oceans wide,

Travel calls to us, it's our hearts' guide.

With each step we take, our souls come alive,

As we see the world and all it has to give.


From the lush green forests to the deserts dry,

Each place has a beauty, a wonder to defy.

The people we meet, the cultures we see,

Are lessons in life that are meant to be.


With each breath we take, a new story unfolds,

We find ourselves in places our hearts have been told.

From the hustle and bustle of the city lights,

To the calm and quiet of the starry nights.


The memories we make, the moments we share,

Are treasures that we'll keep, forever to bear.

So pack your bags, let's set out on our way,

For the world is waiting, it's time to play.


For travel is more than just a simple choice,

It's a journey that opens the world to our voice.

So come and join me, let's explore and see,

How wonderful travel can truly be.


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Traveling far and wide

Traveling far and wide,

Seeking new adventures to be tried,

Exploring lands with cultures diverse,

With memories to last and forever preserve.


From busy cities to tranquil streams,

Through rolling hills and towering dreams,

The journey's thrill is its own reward,

As every step is a story retold.


The sights, the sounds, the smells untold,

Of roads less traveled, stories untold,

The moments when we feel truly free,

And life is experienced vibrantly.


So pack your bags and set sail,

Leave behind the familiar trail,

Embrace the unknown, take a chance,

For the beauty of travel will forever dance.


A Grand Adventure

Traveling the world is a grand adventure,

With sights to see that will leave you in wonder,

From bustling cities to quiet mountain tops,

The beauty of the earth just never stops.


With each new place comes a different pace,

A chance to experience its embrace,

From the food and drinks to the local palms,

Traveling helps us understand the world's charms.


And as we venture to lands far and wide,

We open our minds and hearts to the tide,

Of new cultures, traditions and ways of life,

Teaching us about love, peace and strife.


So let's pack our bags, book a flight,

And go see the world with all our might,

For travel is the greatest gift of all,

A chance to grow and have a ball.



South Africa

South Africa, land of vibrant hues,

Where mountains rise and oceans blue,

A place of contrasts, where culture blends,

With beauty and history that never ends.


From the rolling hills of Cape Town,

To the rolling plains of Kruger's brown,

The country's diversity is like no other,

With landscapes that awe and thrill like no other.


From Table Mountain's famous peaks,

To the stunning wildlife that seldom speaks,

South Africa offers a feast for the eyes,

With nature's wonders that will never cease to surprise.


From the sounds of tribal drums,

To Joburg’s bustling energy and charms,

South Africa is a tapestry rich and grand,

With a people proud, warm, and ever so grand.


So come, discover this land of gold,

Where adventure and beauty never grow old,

And experience the magic that is South Africa,

A place like no other, forever etched in a loving era.


An African Safari

In the heart of Africa, where the wild roams free,

A journey begins, a safari to see,

The beauty of nature, the power of the land,

With animals great and small, from end to end.


From the roar of the lions, to the trumpet of the elephants,

To the graceful stride of the gazelle, so elegant,

The sights, the sounds, the smells of the wild,

A feast for the senses, an experience divinely filed.


As the sun rises, painting the sky in an orange hue,

The journey begins, what wonders will ensue,

With each drive, a new surprise awaits,

A land so vast, it truly fascinates.


The scorching savanna, the rolling hills,

The shimmering rivers, the thrill of the kills,

A place of peace, a place of life,

A land where nature rules, with all its strife.


So come, embark on this wondrous ride,

And witness the magic that is an African Safari,

With its beauty and majesty, forever to be,

A memory to cherish, for all eternity.

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