How to Prepare For a Couple's Trip to South Africa

How to Prepare For a Couple's Trip to South Africa

South Africa is one of the most sought-after destinations to travel to for couples. The country is filled with unique attractions and fascinating culture. There is never a lack of things to do and see, which makes it an ideal place to enjoy time with that special someone. Just be sure to know what to expect and make some preparations key to ensuring you make it to your destination on time and without issues.

7 Things to Consider Before Traveling on a Couple's Trip to South Africa

Sunrise in Madikwe Game Reserve - Couple's Trip to South Africa

Sunrise in Madikwe Game Reserve

Before heading off on a couples trip to South Africa, consider some essential factors that can impact your travels. With some extra preparations in advance, you can have a smooth trip and make memories that last a lifetime.

1. You May Need a Visa

The government agency in South Africa that controls the entry and exit of visitors is the South African Department of Home Affairs. They have a list of which country’s residents can enter the country without a visa and visit for up to 90 days. If you don’t fall under any of the listed nationalities, you can contact the government to find out how to obtain your visa before you leave for your couple's trip. Be sure to apply for a visa several months in advance to avoid delays in your travel plans.

2. Stay at a Reputable Hotel

There are many hotels in the urban areas of South Africa, such as Johannesburg and Cape Town. One hotel that is quite popular with tourists is the Hyatt Regency in Cape Town. There, you can enjoy the comforts and service of an internationally respected hotel chain in an ideal location, with a local touch. Be sure to book well in advance to ensure you get the best experience and rates for your stay.

3. Consider The Exchange Rate

Before traveling to South Africa, learn more about the exchange rate and prepare to secure South African currency. This process ensures you know what to expect and are ready to pay for goods and services when you are there. Some places operate on a cash only system. If you have money and know the exchange rate, you can stick to your budget and won't miss out on any exciting or must-have purchases during your travels.

4. Be Cautious

South Africa is a beautiful country with many attractions and adventures not found anywhere else. However, it's essential to understand what safety precautions to take before visiting. Unfortunately, some areas of South Africa are dangerous and have high crime rates. Learn which areas to avoid, and be aware of scammers. Don’t wear expensive jewelry while out and secure your valuables in your hotel to prevent theft while you're away.

Thanda Safari Lodge

Thanda Safari Lodge

5. Avoid Water in Rural Areas

It's considered a safe practice to drink water in most major cities in South Africa. However, you should avoid drinking water outside major cities and in any rural areas. There are no water purification standards in these areas, which means you're susceptible to becoming ill from unclean water. Take precautions before venturing away from the city by taking bottled or purified water to ensure you don't fall sick during your trip.

6. Rent a Car

South Africa is a vast country. It's safer and more economical to rent a car to get around during your stay. Research reputable car rental agencies in major cities to ensure you don't have issues with your rental. Get confirmation in advance and learn the country's dos and don'ts of car rental. If you must use an alternative method of travel, be sure it's through a reputable and established company to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

7. Dress Appropriately

Before your vacation, research the weather conditions and pack accordingly. Remember that weather conditions can vary significantly from location to location. You'll also want to be aware of wearing inappropriate attire if you venture away from the city. Avoid wearing uncomfortable clothing and shoes to ensure you enjoy your adventure. Don't forget to bring a jacket and travel gear to help you stay comfortable in any climate.


If you're ready to book a couples’ vacation to South Africa, keep these considerations in mind before you leave. Knowing what to expect and what to avoid can ensure you enjoy your experience and don't encounter any situation that can put kinks in your plans or cause you to cut your trip short. Always plan ahead and take care of essential details well in advance of your departure. Consult with your travel agent or an expert to learn about  factors that could impact your trip.


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