5 Tips For A Sublime Scottish Holiday  

5 Tips For A Sublime Scottish Holiday

Although England, Wales and Northern Ireland have their distinctive attractions, for many Brits and visitors alike, no constituent UK nation compares with Scotland when it comes to stunning scenery, rich culture, intriguing history and locals who are very friendly, a little wild and always wonderful!

If Caledonia is on your travel to-do list when restrictions ease off, some insider advice will ensure that you have the best time possible . Take on board these five tips for a sublime Scottish holiday.

1. Learn the language

The most widely spoken language in Scotland is English, but Scots and Gaelic are also official tongues here. In practice most Scottish people speak a blend of English and Scots, but the guttural accent and regional variations mean some things may get lost in translation. ‘Aye’ means ‘yes’, ‘naw’ means ‘no’, and ‘polis’ means ‘police’ but watch this Scottish phrases video from BeautyCreep for more!

2. Sample the cuisine

Scottish food is more varied than you might imagine, although it is true that there are a fair number of fried dishes here. The fish and chips served in the East Neuk of Fife are amongst Britain’s best, haggis is very tasty if you don’t dwell on the ingredients (sheep's heart, liver, and lungs) although veggie versions are also available - and for the world’s best hangover cure, a square sausage roll with Irn Bru (often described as Scotland's other national drink) works every time!

3. Hit the road

Scottish Holiday

Duncraig Castle (cc: Wikimedia Comons)

Roads in Scotland are generally good, and the scenery means it’s a marvellous place to explore on your own steam. Central cities like Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh and Dundee are all a few hours from each other and they are all worth visiting, while the North Coast 500 route is an excellent way to see the Highlands. Rent a car with Enjoy Travel and hit the road to adventure!

4. Party time

No one parties like the Scots (ok, maybe the Irish, but almost no one!) so don’t miss out on the chance for some brilliant banter (lively conversation) and good company on a Scottish night out. There are restaurants and clubs aplenty in every town and city, but Glasgow’s mix of charming locals and diverse venues like "

Ox and Finch" and the Barrowland Ballroom make it a little bit special.

5. Luxury lodgings

There’s an eclectic mix of accommodation in Scotland, from Airbnb’s and hostels to serviced apartments and hotels, so you won’t struggle to find somewhere stylish and comfortable in any Scottish location. If you’re staying in Edinburgh and looking for a luxury bolthole bang in the middle of town, stay at The Balmoral hotel, a five-star haven at 1 Princes Street which is a bit of an institution.

Follow these five tips and you’ll have a fantastic time in Scotland  ̶  but be warned that it’s easy to fall for Caledonia’s charms, so you’ll probably be planning your second trip before you’ve even finished your first.

Have you been to Scotland? Tell us about your Scottish holiday hacks in the comments section.

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