Sleeping Under the Stars at Jaci’s Starbed Suites

Sleeping Under the Stars - Jaci’s Starbed Suites Review

Imagine sleeping under a diamond-studded black blanket, with the sky being the blanket and the stars the diamonds. Camping? Not quite. More like the ultimate luxury glamping.

Jaci's Safari lodge

Starbed suite

It had been almost 3 years since my last visit to Jaci’s Safari Lodge. On that last visit, we were accompanied by our children. They absolutely loved it. My son celebrated his 9th birthday there and the wonderful staff baked a special cake for him and sang for him. This time, I had been invited to experience the new Starbed Suites and I found that this was not all that had changed since our last visit.

Jaci's Safari lodge

Indoor bed

It is not often that I walk into my room and my awestruck jaw drops open but that is exactly what happened to me at Jaci’s Starbed Suite. It was a wonderful explosion of colour and certainly one of the most spacious and glamorous glamping resort suites I’ve ever had the privilege of staying in – and I hadn’t even seen the Starbed yet!

Sleeping under the stars at Jaci's

Reading Material - I found a piece I'd written in one of these

We climbed up the outdoor staircase and found the Starbed perched on top of the massive suite surrounded by mosquito netting. The views of the surrounding bush and the river were amazing in the day and even better at night when a million stars glittered in the clear sky like diamonds.

Jaci's Safari lodge

Starbed by day

All the necessary facilities and more were in the suite. There was a vibrant lounge area with reading material and an indoor bed for chilly or rainy nights. The panoramic full-length glass sliding doors could be opened up to the panoramic view. Bathroom facilities included a stunning bathroom with double copperlite washbasins, two huge bathtubs - one indoor so that you can admire the view while you bath and a glorious huge painted one in a more enclosed area.

If you prefer a shower, you have a choice of an indoor shower, and two outdoor showers for the quintessential African bush experience. A wide deck with deck chairs overlooking the Marico River completed the suite.  Vintage items like an old Indian door, and wooden chests complemented the décor and added to the suite’s character.

Jaci's Safari lodge

View from our room

Thirty minutes earlier I had been really stressed...

We were running late because the road to Madikwe Game Reserve had taken us longer than expected and there was only one thing on my mind. We were going to miss our game drive and a game drive in Madikwe is not one that you want to miss. Fortunately, we got there as the other guests were having their pre-game drive high tea. We went to our room for a quick freshening-up. I was torn between taking photos of the suite and leaving for the game drive. Eventually, I managed to drag myself away and shortly thereafter, we set off into the bush.

Jaci's Safari lodge

Game Drive

Our companions from Germany were first-time visitors to South Africa and said that the main reason they had chosen to stay in Madikwe was because of the malaria-free factor. Other guests told us that they had come to Jaci’s because of the family-friendly factor.

sleeping under the stars

Mother and cub

The game drive was as eventful as always. We watched a lion family for a while. Two adorable cubs were playing in the mud and the huge handsome male lion was trying to sleep while the lionesses harassed him. They were fun to watch and it wasn’t long before I was immersed in the bush ambiance. A short while later, we came upon a beautiful plain where elephants, giraffes, zebras and impala all coalesced around a water hole. They seemed to co-exist so harmoniously and I thought that it would be so wonderful if all South Africans could follow their example.

Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve

Back at the lodge, we were pleasantly surprised when staff remembered us from our visit almost 3 years ago. We were welcomed back like old friends and we caught up on the changes at the lodge apart from the Starbed Suites. These included the Terrapin Underwater Hide where one could take spectacular photos of animals drinking water at the waterhole. The hide is accessed through a tunnel under the water. Another innovative addition was the photographic safaris with professional photographers.

Jaci's Safari lodge

Terrapin Hide

Our two nights passed too quickly in a blur of safari adventures, culinary delights, sleeping under the stars and the sumptuous luxury of our Starbed Suite, and all too soon it was time to leave.

Jaci's Safari lodge

Vibrant indoor lounge area

For more information, visit Jaci's Lodges.

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7 comments on “Sleeping Under the Stars at Jaci’s Starbed Suites”

  1. I wish Africa wasn't so far because this looks so nice. You had me at the first picture of the bed. I've never been a big fan of camping, but I really think glamping is more my style. I just need to find something like this a littler closer!

  2. My jaws would drop too if I enter this place. So gorgeous! The indoor bed looks heavenly. The rooftop sunbed must be absolutely amazing to lie on (even though I don't love the sun >.<). What an experience!

  3. The sitting area is so colourful, an interesting departure from the classic safari style. Skybeds or starbeds are a fabulous way to take in the beautifully clear night skies in southern Africa. We had one at Little Kulala Camp in Sossusvlei, Namibia, and the sunrise was one of our most memorable.

    1. Thank you Chantal. I agree - it was quite refreshing to see explosions of bright colours in the brown bush environment. And sleeping under the stars - especially in this hot weather - is an amazing experience.

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