V Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City - an ultra-cool hotel in Dubai

V Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City Review

Although we only stayed at the V Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City for one night, it certainly made a lasting impression on us. From the moment we first entered the hotel, we could feel the pulsating energy there. The first words that came to mind were fun, energetic and refreshing.

V Hotel Dubai

Cool Lobby

Previously, the W Dubai by Marriott, everything about the V Hotel Dubai is unique and cutting edge.  The welcome lounge and check-in desk are on the 30th floor of the hotel. Bedroom categorisations include Marvellous, Spectacular, Fabulous and Sensational. The rooms look futuristic and resemble spaceships. The suites have circular beds. Guest services are called “Whatever Whenever” because they will give you whatever you want, whenever you want it (within reason, of course). The pool is known as the Wet Deck and there is a 24 hour gym too.

V Hotel Dubai

Welcome Lounge

We had two inter-leading rooms, a double room for us and a twin room for the kids. A hallway of mirrors led us into the rooms. Inside, the rooms were decorated in white leather and wood, with splashes of bright colours and strategically placed mirrors.  The comfortable beds stood in the centre of the rooms and L-shaped couches lined the room corners. Nespresso machines stood on the cabinets, and the mini-bars and beverage drawers were subtly placed in the furnishings. We had great views of the canal from our rooms and from the public areas.

V Hotel Dubai


The bathrooms were open-plan with free-standing bathtubs, and enclosed shower and toilet cubicles. Full-sized and deliciously-scented Bliss amenities were provided. So were plush bathrobes and slippers.

W Dubai


We chose to have a light dinner at Level Seven, the hotel's all-day Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. The restaurant décor was very trendy and silver pots, pans and colanders dangled from the ceiling. Chefs were cooking at the show kitchens. For the first time in my life I was given a stool for my handbag, instead of having to dump it on an extra chair or the floor.

Level Seven W Dubai

Level Seven

The Wagyu burgers, Greek hot dogs and crispy calamari were all delicious and perfectly made and so was the dessert. Even the mocktails were unique. We would have come hungrier if we knew that the food would be so good! Adorable miniature Tabasco and Olive Oil bottles were provided to complement the food, although they were not necessary.

W Dubai

Food at Level Seven

The following morning we had breakfast at Level Seven. There was a huge selection of breakfast offerings including samoosas, stir-fries, dim sum and stuffed grape leaves (dolmas). At breakfast too, I was promptly provided with a stool for my handbag.

W Dubai

Breakfast Offerings

The service throughout the hotel was friendly and welcoming. Staff took care of our bags for us at all times and arranged taxis for us with a smile. I met several African staff working there and they looked quite happy.

W Dubai

Carpets inspired by the busy Sheikh Zayed Road

The V Hotel Dubai is part of the prestigious Al-Habtoor City Collection which is situated on the banks of the Dubai Water Canal. It is regarded as the hip young sister to its neighbours, fellow Hilton Hotels.  When driving along 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Road, the V sign could be seen from afar, standing proudly on the hotel façade. It appeared to be welcoming us to our home away from home. At night, it is beautifully illuminated and glows like a beacon.

Next to the hotel is La Perle, a mesmerising live show in a state-of-the-art 1300 seat aqua-theatre. La Perle is masterminded by Franco Dragone who is also known for his work with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion.

If you want a cool luxury hotel full of personality and flare, then stay at the V Hotel Dubai . We loved the décor and the ambience, and felt energised by just being there.

In case you’re wondering, the letter "V" doesn’t really stand for anything specific but words like "Vibrant" and "Visionary" come to mind.

For more information, visit V Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City. Or book here.

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9 comments on “V Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City - an ultra-cool hotel in Dubai”

  1. Dubai has some ultra cool hotels, places of attraction and more. The carpets look so cool. It captures the busy Sheikh Zayed Road so well. I like the rooms too. I am sure the food must have been amazing. I would love to experience W hotels anytime, anywhere.

  2. I love W hotels . The hip , trendy vibe , the most comfy beds and good guest service . If you are considering staying at one . Please do !!
    * the rooms are always very open planned , meaning although the shower and toilets have cubicles , it is not closed off completely to sound and light , so if your partner is an early riser and you are not - it may be a problem.

  3. Wow, W hotels seem to be worth a visit, I've heard so many great things about them. The design of this particular one looks breathtaking and so innovative. The food is always really important to me and looks fantastic here. Maybe I should go to Dubai after all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! I have been reading a lot of Dubai articles lately and now one of the main reasons why I want to go is the hotels! They all seem so luxurious and cool that I am afraid I wouldn't want to leave the building and explore the city! I love the idea of circular beds and the food seems delicious!

  5. Wow, the W looks incredible, and you're not kidding when you say the rooms look futuristic and spaceships, really looks like a room in a space movie. As a budget traveler, this may be a teenie bit out of my price range haha but I would love to see Le perle, 😀 - If I was a luxury traveler heading to Dubai I would definitely want to stay here 😀

  6. The hotel lobby coach looks like something from a si-fi movie 🙂 It is really cute! And I absolutely loved it that they brought you stools for your handbag. It is so annoying to have to put your handbag wherever all the time! Safe travels!

  7. This hotel looks like something from the future! The lighting in the rooms is so cool and definitely gives off a futuristic spaceship vibe. And I am always a sucker for good food. I think it'd be hard for me to ever want to leave the hotel if I stayed here!

  8. This hotel looks so futuristic, like something out of a sci-fi flick. I also like the look of the food - very cosmopolitan and delicious-sounding. If I'm ever in Dubai, I'll be sure to check this place out.

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