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The Courtyard Hotel Arcadia – a serene Pretoria getaway

The Courtyard Hotel Arcadia Review The upmarket suburb of Arcadia, in the heart of Pretoria, is known for its tree-lined streets, historical buildings and plethora of foreign embassies. In an area of this suburb known as Embassy Row, is a historic manor house, which now serves as the centrepiece of the Courtyard Hotel Arcadia. We […]

16 Unique Things to do in Pretoria

Things to do in Pretoria Before inter-provincial travel re-opened, lockdown had been restricting us to outings in our own province. It was challenging finding things to do in Gauteng that we hadn't done before, and we found ourselves spending more time in Pretoria, exploring its attractions, and thereby prompting this post. Also known by its […]

EL&N London opens up in Johannesburg

EL&N London opens up in Johannesburg The latest international eatery to open up in South Africa, EL&N Cafe (pronounced e-lan) is a popular café chain that originated in London, United Kingdom and has since expanded to other locations around the globe. EL&N stands for Eat, Live & Nourish. The cafe is touted as the "most Instagrammable […]

Fordsburg : Johannesburg's Melting Pot of Cultures and Cuisine

Fordsburg Johannesburg Tucked away in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa's bustling metropolis, lies Fordsburg – a district with a rich history, cultural tapestry, and delectable culinary offerings that stand as a testament to the city’s vibrant diversity. A Brief History of Fordsburg Fordsburg has a rich and multifaceted history. It was founded in 1888, […]

11 Best Halaal Restaurants In Johannesburg

The Best Halaal Restaurants In Johannesburg I am often asked what the best halaal restaurants in Johannesburg are. As a South African food blogger and someone who eats out often, I have compiled the list below based on restaurants that I have personally experienced and enjoyed.  The list is updated often as I find new […]

12 things to do at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

Things to do at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden Just 30km west of Johannesburg's city centre lies an oasis for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Johannesburg, it is also one of my personal favourites, and I’ve been there a few times. […]

15 best hikes in Johannesburg (and Pretoria)

Looking for the best hikes in Johannesburg and Pretoria? Read on... Hike: a long walk especially for pleasure or exercise. (Merriam-Webster) I never really bothered much with hiking in Johannesburg until we were locked down in our own province. Then I started looking for parks and nature reserves in Johannesburg and was thrilled to discover […]

Sandton Sun – The Grande Dame of Sandton

Sandton Sun Review A stay at the Sandton Sun promises an indulgent experience, starting from the moment you step into the elegant and sophisticated lobby. The welcoming staff greet you with a smile, and you're effortlessly checked in. The speedy lift whizzes you up to your suite on the 19th floor where you are instantly […]

10 Great weekend getaways in Gauteng

10 Great weekend getaways in Gauteng A weekend escape from the city always sounds tempting but a long drive to get there usually isn’t as appealing. If you live in Gauteng and are looking for nearby getaways for this weekend or the next, then you've come to the right place. These weekend getaways near Johannesburg […]

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