16 Unique Things to do in Pretoria

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Also known by its official name Tshwane, Pretoria is South Africa’s administrative capital and is approximately 45 minutes from Johannesburg. Recently listed as one of the top 100 most loved destinations in the world by the Tourism Sentiment Index, it is a city of historic monuments and memorials, as well as natural spaces, . The city is divided into seven regions and its cost of living compares well to other big cities in South Africa.

Some Pretoria history

Pretoria was founded in 1855 by Marthinus Pretorius, the first president of the South African Republic, who named it in honour of his father Andries Pretorius, also a Voortrekker leader.

The city’s name was officially changed to Tshwane in 2005.

Here are 16 unique things to do in Pretoria

1. The Union Buildings

Union Buildings

Union Buildings

The Union Buildings are one of South Africa's Architectural masterpieces. Designed by Sir Herbert Baker, they were completed in 1913. This is where Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994. A nine-metre high bronze statue of him, the tallest one in existence, stands at the foot of the Union Buildings. The landscaped gardens offer a great view of the city and are ideal for a picnic.

2. Voortrekker Monument

Voortrekker Monument

Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is a massive granite monument which was built to commemorate the Voortrekker history in Southern Africa. Located on a hilltop in a nature reserve, the design was inspired by ancient Egyptian architecture. Inside the monument, you will find a high domed hall known as the Hall of Heroes, decorated with an ornate marble frieze depicting the Great Trek. There is also a museum with a collection of original Great Trek antiques.

3. Freedom Park

Freedom Park Memorial Pretoria

Freedom Park Memorial

Freedom Park is a National Heritage Destination. It consists of a spacious indoor museum which tells the story of South Africa's turbulent history by means of moving displays and striking exhibitions, and outdoor memorials which pay tribute to those who lost their lives for our country. It's a beautiful reminder of how far our country has come. You can read more about it on fellow blogger, Heather’s blog 2Summers.

4. Hennops Hiking Trails

Hennops Hiking Trail

Hennops Hiking Trail Suspension bridge

This is one of the most popular hiking spots in Gauteng. It consists of an expansive nature reserve with several hiking, mountain biking and off-roading trails, as well as a historical background. The Hennops river flows through a valley flanked by mountain ranges and the hiking trails start by crossing a meandering river. You can read more about our experience at Hennops Hiking Trails here.

5. Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

Pretoria Botanical Gardens

Pretoria Botanical Gardens

This 76 hectare urban oasis is one of South Africa's ten National Botanical Gardens. It is divided into two sections by a 50 m high quartzite outcrop, one facing south and the other north – and quite different from each other. The mostly indigenous gardens include a cycad garden, medicinal garden, useful plants garden, and a small waterfall. It is also popular with birding enthusiasts and over 220 bird species have been seen here.

6. Pretoria National Zoological Gardens

Pretoria National Zoological Gardens

Pretoria National Zoological Gardens (cc: NJR ZA via Wikimedia)

Although I am not a fan of animals in captivity, not everyone can afford to go on a safari. And zoos have some educational value, especially for children, as long as the animals are taken care of well. The Pretoria National Zoological Gardens is the largest zoo in Africa and one of the highest rated zoos in the world.  The 85 hectare zoo contains more than 700 species of creatures and has a cableway.

7. Dinokeng Game Reserve

Dinokeng Game Reserve

Giraffe at Dinokeng Game Reserve

Dinokeng Game Reserve is unique in that it is a Big 5 game reserve located within the boundaries of a metro city and half an hour away from the city centre. Meaning “a place of rivers”, it is the first and only game reserve in Gauteng with free-roaming Big 5. Although, we did not get to see any of them, other visitors have. Read about our experience at Dinokeng Game Reserve.

8. Irene Dairy Farm

Things to do in Pretoria

Irene Dairy Farm

This is a historic, working dairy farm with two restaurants, in a picturesque setting. It makes a great family outing, especially with younger kids who will enjoy seeing the farm animals, exploring the antique tractors, and having fun on the playground.

9. Tswaing Meteorite Crater

Tswaing Crater

Tswaing Crater (cc: Martin Tuchscherer via Wikimedia)

This is one of four impact craters in South Africa and one of the best preserved in the world. Formed around 220000 years ago when a meteorite hit the earth’s crust, the 100 metre deep crater is also the most accessible. A hiking trail will take you along the outskirts of the massive crater, then down to the lake at the bottom. Tswaing means place of salt and the site contains the remains of a factory which produced salt and soda ash.

10. Cullinan



Cullinan is a quaint, historic town  of which the focal point is a diamond mine which is still operational. Some of the largest diamonds in the world today were found in Cullinan, including the 3106-carat Cullinan Diamond, which is now part of the British crown jewels. You can go on a tour of the Cullinan Diamond Mine, then walk around the quirky little town and visit the museums and restaurants.

11. Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone Cullinan

Muningi Gorge

If adrenalin-pumping adventures are more your style, then Adventure Zone is a must-visit. They have two venues – one at Muningi Gorge near Cullinan and the other at The Voortrekker Monument. You can book a range of activities including zip-lining, quad-biking, abseiling, hiking and much more. See my review of Adventure Zone.

Museums - These museums are national monuments and part of South Africa’s history.

12. Kruger House

Kruger House Museum

Kruger House Museum

This is the last house in which former President Paul Kruger lived before he left South Africa to go into exile in Europe. The simple house, which was his home between 1883 and 1901, reflects what it was like when he lived there with his second wife, Gezina and contains original furniture, gifts that were presented to him and other memorabilia.

Interesting points

  • The house is said to have been built with cement and milk, instead of water, due to the poor quality of the cement at the time.
  • Kruger National Park and the Krugerrand are named after Paul Kruger.
  • The stone lions on the verandah were given to Paul Kruger as a birthday gift in 1896, by Barney Barnato, the mining magnate.

13. Smuts House Museum

Things to do in Pretoria

Smuts House Museum

This museum was the home of General Jan Smuts, former prime minister of South Africa between 1910 and 1950. It gives insight into his life and times. Exhibits include artefacts and gifts given to Jan Smuts during his world travels and his extensive library collection.

14. Ludwig's Roses

Ludwig's Roses: - Ludwig's Rose Farm

Colourful roses at Ludwig's Roses

On the outskirts of Pretoria, to the north, there is a floral wonderland called Ludwig's Roses - a flourishing rose farm that boasts the largest selection of roses in the country with over 1000 varieties. It has a huge rose farm which can be explored on a complimentary tractor ride. There’s also a huge nursery, a restaurant called the “Rose Kitchen” and a shop selling a range of rose-infused treats as well as rose-themed products and souvenirs. If the kids get bored, there’s a garden playground for them too.

15. Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve is a beautiful nature reserve in Pretoria with 3 trails ranging from 1.5 to 3.6 km that take you along rocky paths carved out of the cliff through seemingly enchanted woods, across bridges and streams. The reserve has game including springbok, blesbok, impala and zebra as well as an abundance of bird life and a bird hide from where you can see many of them.

16. See the Jacarandas (in season)

Courtyard Hotel Arcadia Review

Arcadia in October

Pretoria's unofficial name, Jacaranda City, stems from the thousands of jacaranda trees which bloom in October and November each year, covering the city in shades of purple. The first two trees were imported from Rio De Janeiro in 1888. White jacarandas are much rarer than the purple ones, but they can be seen in Herbert Baker Street in Pretoria.

Where to stay in Pretoria

Zebra Nature Reserve

Zebra Nature Reserve is a charming countryside getaway near Dinokeng Game Reserve, consisting of four distinctly different accommodation options spaced comfortably apart from each other. Here, you will find wildlife, culture (in the form of an Ndebele Village), a beautiful setting and activities galore. Here is my review of Zebra Country Lodge.

Courtyard Hotel Arcadia

A family-friendly hotel with comfortable suites, built around a historic manor house, in the Embassy Row area of Pretoria. Read my review of Courtyard Hotel Arcadia.

Bushman's Rock Country Lodge

A lovely family-friendly countryside escape on the outskirts of  Pretoria, it is located on the banks of a stream. Read my review of Bushman's Rock Country Lodge.

Irene Country Lodge

Close to Irene Dairy Farm, this family-friendly hotel has vast grounds, spacious rooms and a popular spa and restaurant. Here is my review of Irene Country Lodge.

Kievits Kroon

Another favourite of ours, this Cape Dutch style luxury country estate is situated in the Kameeldrift area. Until recently, children were not allowed here, making it more of a romantic hotel. However, this has now changed. This luxury hotel also has a wonderful spa and restaurant. Here is my review of Kievits Kroon.

Pretoria Sheraton Hotel

An elegant 5-star hotel located opposite The Union Buildings, the hotel is a great choice if you want to be centrally located. It also has an outdoor swimming pool and a gym. Book here.

Find more accommodation in Pretoria.

What are your favourite things to do in Pretoria ?

11 Things to do in Pretoria

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  1. I have not yet managed to get to this part of the world. It looks very tempting and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, we're going to do all of this now that lockdown measures are easing. Thanks for compiling such a cool list of activities. Loved Tswaing, have done it twice.

    1. You have a brother in Durban? That's interesting! Pretoria's become our favourite local hiking place these days 🙂

  3. That is wonderful that you have so many things to see and do close to your home. Pretoria looks beautiful with a lot of history that I’m not as familiar with or forgot as school was so long ago. I’d love to visit the museums to learn more of the history, see a game reserve, go on walks and visit the botanical garden!

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