Discover Africa’s Inspiring Luxury Eco-Lodges

Prince Harry is committed to African conservation projects that protect wildlife and habitats. He was appointed the President of the African Parks charity in 2017. The prince’s fondness for African holidays is also renowned, and he’s not alone in appreciating the singular beauty of Africa’s flora and fauna. Luxury eco-tourism is all the rage these days. There’s truly no better place to enjoy this elite, yet socially-conscious style of tourism than in Africa. When you discover Africa’s inspiring luxury eco-lodges , you may just be inspired to plan a great escape to at least one of them.

Visit Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya

This eco-lodge is nestled in southern Kenya’s Chyulu Hills. It’s a boutique-style lodge where luxury-minded eco-tourists go to drink in the beauty of vast acres of unspoiled wilderness. The lodge rests within a reserve owned by the Maasai. Tourists who wish to explore Africa will find that the process of accessing visas, inoculations against diseases and taking out insurance which offers protection in the event of travel problems has all been worthwhile, once they arrive at this amazing Kenyan lodge.

This lodge was featured in a non-fiction book by Ernest Hemingway, “Green Hills of Africa”, under the pseudonym, “Camp of the Hidden Treasure”. Campi va Kanzi captures the magic and romance of Africa. Eco-tourists who are interested in the lodge may choose from a range of accommodation options, including tented cottages, tented suites and a pool cottage at Kanzi House. This eco-lodge is carbon-neutral, with solar heat and hot water.

Explore the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

The Western Cape of South Africa is where you’ll find Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. This luxury eco-lodge offers a splendid view of Walker Bay, which is home to whales, penguins, Great White Sharks and dolphins. The reserve’s name means, “big forest”, and the name was inspired by the local milkwood forest. On-site lodges were constructed upon natural clearings in the woodland. This lodge is elegant, with fine cuisine and fashionable suites. Common areas show off stunning and diverse vistas to absolute perfection.

Spend time at Porini Rhino Camp

If you want to see rhinos up close, head for Mount Kenya’s Porini Rhino Camp. This tented camp has a traditional vibe that is very appealing. It’s situated on Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s peaceful western side. The camp is equipped with six roomy tents for guests, which come with their own bathrooms.

This eco-friendly camp is powered via solar energy. If you prefer lodges with intimate vibes, this one may be ideal. You’ll get to enjoy a wonderful safari experience, as well as gourmet food, with very little negative environmental impact, and the scale of the camp will be small enough to suit your tastes.

Treat yourself to an eco-lodge holiday

Life is short, so why not treat yourself to an African holiday at the continent's luxury eco-lodges ? The trio of lodges showcased today just scratches the surface. There are more lodges that offer splendid experiences to guests, without heavy environmental footprints. When you choose an eco-lodge, you may enjoy the glories of African nature and wildlife, without the guilt.Royal Chundu Luxury Eco-Lodges

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