GPSMyCity: Introduction and Giveaway

Have you ever enjoyed a travel article and wished that you could use it as a guide when travelling? Or read about a great place before your trip and planned to go there? But then, when you were actually travelling, you didn’t have internet to access the article, or you had a copy of the article but didn’t know how to find the place?

This is where GPSmyCITY comes in. GPSmyCity publishes iOS and Android apps, featuring self-guided city walks and travel articles for 750+ cities worldwide. Once installed on your GPS-enabled mobile phone or tablet, the apps will turn your mobile device into a tour guide. There are over 6000 city walks and travel articles available – in over 750 cities across the world. Each city walk or travel article comes with a travel route shown on an offline map, which guides you to famous attractions, monuments, restaurants and interesting sights, as well as hidden gems – just like a personal local guide.

Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you won’t need internet to use the article as a guide. It will show you right where you are on the map and guide you to each location! You can upload any travel article from GPSmyCity free of charge, to read at your convenience without wi-fi. If you want it to be a GPS-guided article, all you have to do is pay a small fee to upgrade ($1.99) and enable access to offline maps. As easy as that.

I’m pleased to announce that some of my posts have been turned into apps. You can download these apps for free, or pay for an upgrade and the app will be automatically linked to an offline map and the GPS navigator.

There are two ways to access article apps on your device. You can either click on the link at the end of a blog post that has been turned into an app (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSMyCity app you will be prompted to do so). Or, once you have the GPSMyCity app, you can browse by city to see what articles are available. You can then download the article for free or upgrade for offline use and GPS navigation.

I am giving away a free upgrade on the following article apps till 5 June 2017 so that you can see how it works:

The Best Things to Do in Durban This Summer – with Kids

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Phuket

Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose and it may change the way you travel…


Here are some of my other articles that have been converted to apps on GPSMyCity:

Ten Things to Do in Bangkok – With Kids

Malaysia Part 7 – Memories of Melaka

Things to Do in Penang, Malaysia

Kimberley – City of Diamonds

An Afternoon in Gaborone

2 comments on “GPSMyCity: Introduction and Giveaway”

  1. Wow this is great. I've been thinking about this - my parents are planning to visit Joburg in Dec and I know closer to the time I will look at sites to go to, to show them Jozi. This app will come in handy.

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