Travellers’ Tales – Meet Kristen from The Touring Yorkie

Meet Kristen from The Touring Yorkie

I created the “Travellers’ Tales” section to give other travellers an opportunity to talk about their travels. Today I would like to introduce you to Kristen, a freelance stage manager and travel blogger based in New York City. She blogs at The Touring Yorkie .

I would love to hear about your travels too. Go to “Travellers’ Tales, fill in the quick questionnaire and email it to me with your blog links.

Read about Kristen’s travels here,

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Kristen and I’m a freelance stage manager who loves travel. I was on the North American tour of Newsies for two years, which inspired me to blog about my travels. I rescued a Yorkie while I was traveling and he’s the mascot. I currently live in New York City with my husband, working on Broadway and traveling as much as I can.

2. What is your earliest travel memory?

It’s not quite a memory but there’s a photo of me as a baby on my first plane ride, going to Louisiana for a family reunion. For some reason, me and my brother both have Mickey Mouse ears on so as a kid I was convinced we went to Disney World but my first time wasn’t until I was 13!

3. Where was your last holiday?

A quick trip to Chicago for a friend’s wedding.

4. What was the best thing you did there?

Getting drinks at the tiki-speakeasy Three Dots and a Dash. It’s an awesome bar and has delicious drinks!Touring Yorkie

5. What was your best holiday ever? Why?

Any trip to Australia. My husband is Australian and we try to visit every couple of years. It’s such a gorgeous country and I feel like there’s always so much more to do there. My husband grew up in Manly (Sydney) and his parents have a gorgeous view of the harbour.

6. What is your favourite travel destination?

Right now it’s Banff and Lake Louise in Canada. It’s such a gorgeous place in the world and I only went for a day trip. I can’t wait to go back for hiking and a stay at the gorgeous Fairmont Lake Louise.

7. What must one do there?

You have to see Lake Louise. It’s such a gorgeous colour. And although the line for the boat rentals may be long, it’s so worth it. The photos and views are amazing.Yorkie

8. Who is your favourite travel companion/s?

My husband and dog are #1, but I also have to credit my friend Jill. We backpacked through Europe and have travelled 3 continents together.

9. Name one item you must have when travelling.

Sleep mask – I can sleep anywhere, any time of day with it.

10. Your best travel advice?

Be open – plans are great but what happens if the weather is awful or you hate a place. Half the fun of traveling is discovery.

11. The one place you want to visit before you die?

Anywhere with an overwater bungalow. They look heavenly.

12. How can people connect with you?



13. Any embarrassing travel moments?

I did an exchange-type program in France one summer during high school. On a train, I loudly declared I was horny, rather than hot (temperature). Unfortunately, I am hot and “je suis chaude” are not direct translations.

Thank you, Kristen, for sharing your fascinating travels with us!

I would love to hear about your travels too. Go to “Travellers’ Tales, fill in the quick questionnaire and email it to me with your blog links.

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