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The Zoo Trot

Although I've been to the Johannesburg Zoo many times before, this was the first time I went for the Zoo Trot . It started at 7h30 which was a bit of a schlep as I had to wake up really early on the only day of the week that I can sleep in. Parking was also […]

Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to the Shangri-La , an oasis of peace and contentment. No, this is not the mythical Shangri-La from the novel, “Lost Horizon” by British author James Hilton, but rather the Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur , an oasis from the sweltering heat and bustle of Malaysia’s capital city. You are treated like royalty from the […]

Maccauvlei on Vaal - Rich with history

In 1844, a colourful Voortrekker named Carel Pistorius bought a farm on the south bank of the Vaal River. Here he farmed sheep and planted a flourishing oak forest. Carel was better known as Kwaai Angus, a nickname he owed somewhat to his mistrust of women. The words "Women Deceiveth Ever" were even carved into […]

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

We spent the first few days of our Malaysia trip in Kuala Lumpur, and our last two days too. We saw the main tourist attractions by taking the city’s only Hop-On Hop-off bus tour (or HoHo bus as I like to call it). We also used the Monorail and walked a lot trying to get […]

O You! O Wow!

From the power packed presentations to the enthusiastic audience, from the many celebrities present to the biggest celebrity, Oprah herself, the O You! event was an O Wow! event. I knew that I wanted to attend it from the moment I first saw it advertised and when I received two free tickets from O, The […]

Review: Mount Amanzi Resort

Mount Amanzi is an award-winning RCI Silver Crown resort, in the North-West province of South Africa. Arrival: Amazement! That was my first reaction when I got to Mount Amanzi. The place was busier than Hyperama on a Heyday. It was 4pm on a Friday afternoon and the car park was full of people arriving. We […]

Review: Bon Hotel Riviera on Vaal

Bon Hotel  Riviera on Vaal had been on my local bucket list for a very long time. Just the name alone evoked images of beautiful waterside resorts that beckoned to me. Besides, I had always heard good things about it too. I finally got the opportunity to experience it first-hand a few days ago. Evidently […]

Radisson Blu Sandton - Five-star Luxury In The City

I have a soft spot for luxury hotels - especially those that come with luxurious gowns, Nespresso machines, free high-speed Wi-fi and great views. And the five-star Radisson Blu Sandton Hotel provided all of these. The hotel is fairly new and this is quite evident in the modern, trendy furniture, fixtures and fittings throughout it. […]

Amani Spa Sandton - A Luxury Spa Experience

After getting a taster of Amani Spas at the SLOW Lounge at OR Tambo International a few months ago, I went for a more extensive pamper session to the luxury Amani Spa at the Radisson Blu Sandton this weekend. Now, there are spas and there are spas and the very fact that Amani Spas can […]

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Malaysia Holiday - Why you should go

Malaysia Part 2 -Malaysia Holiday - Why you should go A Malaysia Holiday had been on our bucket list for a long time. So when we received two complimentary tickets from Qatar Airways, we knew instantly that we wanted to go to Malaysia with them. We also knew that this trip had to be longer […]

Gold Reef City Hotel and Theme Park

There are theme parks all over the world although not many in South Africa. But how many theme parks can offer you a tour of one of the deepest underground mines in the world, a gold pouring demonstration, an opportunity to pan for gold and a visit to gold miners’ houses which haven’t changed in […]

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