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Malaysia – Part 1 - Travelling with kids

My children are now 7 and 9 years old. We usually take them with us when travelling locally unless we are going to a venue where children are not allowed. But we don’t always take them with on our foreign trips, mainly for three reasons: firstly the considerable additional cost, secondly because they don't remember […]

My Indian Adventures - walking down memory lane

Blaring horns, thick smog in the air, an incessant screeching of car tyres, the scent of marigold flowers mingled with the smell of cows, red betel-nut leaf stains – all combine to launch an intensive assault on the senses. India is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It is a melting pot of cultures, and a […]

China Travels - Beijing , Xian and Shanghai in a week

The Great Wall of China should be renamed The Great Walk of China. My Fitbit (step counter) registered over 1000 steep steps going up and then another 1000 steps down and that was just in the tiny section we visited. The Great Wall is over 8000 km long extending from the East to the West […]

OR Tambo International Airport lounges - two reviews

Spending long hours at the airport can be frustrating, but long waits are made infinitely easier with airport lounges. Airport Lounges offer one a comfortable sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the airport as well as snacks and drinks. We visited two lounges at OR Tambo International Airport. OR Tambo International Airport lounge comparison Our […]

Review: Irene Country Lodge

Feeling stressed out by the city? Need some rest, relaxation and revitalisation in a rustic setting? You can get all this and more at the charming Irene Country Lodge , one of the gems in Protea Hotels By Marriott's luxurious African Pride collection. But unlike many of the others which don’t cater for children, Irene […]

Petra , Jordan - One of the 7 Wonders of the World

A brief sojourn in the Kingdom of Jordan necessitated a day trip to the famed ancient city of Petra , one of the new wonders of the world. We stepped back in time as we entered the Nabatean capital, built around 6 BC. Walking through the 1,5 kilometre long Siq, a natural gorge flanked by […]

Visit Istanbul - an incredible city

Have a cup of tea with a Turk and you'll be friends for 40 years. So said the Turkish gentleman to us as his associate served us with warm apple tea in Istanbul. This is the nature of Turkish hospitality. Of course, after that, he tried to sell carpets and leather jackets to us, but […]

Travel agents - Never again?

Yes, I do prefer to use a travel agent when they can offer me a package with lower costs or hassles than I can do myself. But then you get the travel agents who are not interested in the business or those that give you problems every step of the way and you say...Never Again! […]

Two days in Zanzibar...Hakuna Matata!

From across the sea, the enchanting island of Zanzibar beckoned to us. The stunning view of endless palm-fringed beaches was the perfect appetiser for our two-day visit and the shrubbery at the airport welcomed us warmly with the words “SMILE U R IN ZANZIBAR”. Zanzibar is an archipelago located in Tanzania, East Africa. An island […]

Masai Mara - Game viewers paradise

We left Nairobi on a rainy Sunday morning at 9am and drove through the Great Rift Valley, through the town of Narok and into the Masai Mara . We became aware that we were in for something different, when still about 60km, away from the official entrance to the Masai Mara , we began seeing […]

Garonga Safari Camp - Safari for the Soul

We hurtled down the ochre path, the cool wind exhilarating, in our faces. Lawrence, the game ranger, manoeuvered the Landrover expertly around the torn-down trees, through dense bushes and around dusty bends. It was evidently the path less traveled. At one point, a wildebeest emerged from the bush and ran across the path in front […]

How I like to travel

A recent travel survey I completed got me verbalising how I like to travel... Ideally, I would love to go and stay in a new country for a few months at a time, to absorb the culture, learn the language and explore the surrounds. I've done something like that once before - in India. More […]

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