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Things to do in Johannesburg - Liliesleaf Farm

Liliesleaf Farm On 11 July 1963, a group of anti-apartheid activists were having a crucial meeting in a little cottage on a smallholding in Rivonia, north of Johannesburg.  Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever.  A “laundry van” pulled up and armed policemen jumped out with police dogs. Knowing that […]

My 2018 Year In Review

My 2018 Year In Review Blogging also helps me to keep an online photo-journal of the places I’ve travelled to as they can start becoming a bit of a blur after a while. I enjoy reliving my travel memories and it’s also a good record for my family. 2018 seems to have flown by in […]

Strolling through the old town of Dubrovnik

The old town of Dubrovnik Dubrovnik was the first port of call on our Mediterranean cruise  . I must confess that I didn't know much about it a month before I went there- other than that it was a picturesque city with orange roofs that I'd love to visit someday - and the location of […]

Brahman Hills – Escape to the countryside

Brahman Hills Review After a blistering hot spell, the cold front arrived as we checked in to Brahman Hills . However, apart from the fact that our panoramic views were obscured by rain and mist, we were happily ensconced in our comfortable cottage with a warm fireplace, electric blankets, heaters and a jacuzzi. We weren’t […]

Drakensberg Sun Resort - A great family getaway

Drakensberg Sun Resort Review Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes, and home to great sporting and entertainment facilities, the family-friendly Drakensberg Sun Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the Central Drakensberg area of Kwazulu Natal. It is spread over eight hectares in the picturesque Cathkin Park area, within […]

Meet Travis Touch ... and say goodbye to language barriers

Meet Travis Touch ... and say goodbye to language barriers Imagine arriving at an airport and trying to explain to a taxi driver where to go to in a language you don’t speak... Imagine moving to a new country due to necessity but not understanding the language… Imagine going to a doctor in a foreign […]

How to deal with emergencies when travelling

How to deal with emergencies when travelling Several years ago I was on a cruise in the Caribbean Seas. While having fun at sea one day we heard about a tragedy that occurred there. A young boy had been ice skating on the onboard skating rink when he tripped and fell. Another skater happened to […]

The Nest Hotel - Grand Old Lady of the Drakensberg

The Nest Hotel - Grand Old Lady of the Drakensberg The welcome letter at The Nest Hotel hinted that we may return home with a few kilograms to shed. They weren't kidding. One of the few resort hotels in South Africa that still serve sumptuous cuisine a la table d'hote , the food is a […]

Review: Garden Court Umhlanga

Garden Court Umhlanga Review A few years ago there was a Tsogo Sun advertisement on television, where a man arrives at his hotel and feels like he’s come home. I was reminded of that advertisement when I arrived at Garden Court Umhlanga . Although I had stayed at that particular hotel only once before, I […]

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