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Freedom Of The Seas

A cruise on Freedom of the Seas Ahhhh, the incredible sensation of freedom! Imagine this: deep blue waters, the scent of salt in the air, standing hand-in-hand with your beloved on the top deck of a floating resort, while sailing past the picturesque Miami mansions of the rich and famous into the orange sunset. We […]

Life’s a Journey

Life’s a Journey I am a travel addict. It is the excitement of discovering magical places, and the vibrancy and diversity one encounters every step of the way that has me addicted. I was fortunate to have married a man who shares my passion for travel and in our 11 years together we have journeyed […]

2010 FIFA World Cup Fever

The 2010 FIFA World Cup I can feel it – it is here! I live in Johannesburg – the centre of the 2010 FIFA World Cup where this year’s most exciting soccer (otherwise known as football) matches, will be played. Even I, who am not a football fan, have been affected with it. I have […]

Kruger National Park…After Dark

Kruger National Park…After Dark We had been driving around Kruger National Park since early morning. We had had an eventful day in which we had encountered several creatures that we didn’t normally see, perhaps due to the recent heavy rains. Smaller creatures, such a mongoose, tortoises, chameleons and snakes. Larger creatures, such as the lion, […]

Holiday reading and co-incidences?

Holiday reading and co-incidences? Reading books on holiday has a profound impact on the way I experience and perceive my vacation. As I immerse myself in the captivating narratives and rich worlds created by talented authors, the stories unfold before my eyes, transporting me to new realms and introducing me to fascinating characters. Each page […]

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