Tips for Choosing the Best Airline Seats

Tips for Choosing the Best Airline Seats

Flying to a new country or even another state of the same nation can be exciting but stressful at the same time. People all over the world love visiting new places and gaining new experiences – so much so that according to Statista, the global travel market is worth over $7.5 trillion.

It is essential to have a fantastic experience from the beginning to the end to get the most out of your trip.  Ideally, it would be best to book a private jet where there's no need to worry about other passengers. Plus, thanks to things like a jet card, there are ways to save on this if you find yourself flying privately often.

However, if booking a private jet is not an option, then you need to choose the best seat when booking your commercial airline ticket. For example, if you are traveling by Air Canada, it is easy to book the ticket along with the option of the Air Canada change flight, just in case you have any issues.

With that said, you cannot expect to get the best seat without doing your homework at first. If you are reading this article it means that you want to do everything you can to ensure that you choose the best seat. Here are our tips for choosing the best airline seats .

The most comfortable seats

You will want to select the perfect seat in an airplane - one that gives you immense comfort during your flight. Due to the nature of an aircraft, which is rectangular, all seats are not made equal. Some may have less leg room, while others may have more leg room than normal, and so on.

You must be smart enough to use certain tactics to book the best possible seats. The seats that are in the front row, near windows and near the front are said to be the most comfortable. Thankfully, we have tools like Seatguru for checking out the seat architecture.

Here are some quick and practical tips for choosing the best airline seats that will greatly boost your chances of reserving the seat of your choice:

Avoid the middle at all cost

If your airline offers you advanced bookings, make use of it and pick a front-row seat or a window seat. Avoid middle seats by all means, as these are the most uncomfortable seats in the plane.

Some airplanes have five seats in the middle, making it extremely difficult to exit into the aisle. You will not, for instance, be able to go out to use the washroom easily.

Select your seats at the time of booking

Although some airlines do not allow you to select your seats at the time of booking, others do provide the option to select your seats in advance. Booking your seats in advance allows you to be on the safe side before you even step foot inside the airplane.

Many airlines provide you with a seat map that you can refer to when booking your seats in advance, which makes the job easier for you. Fun fact - did you know that there is an optimum time to book a ticket? The figure below will give you some valuable insight.

Tips for Choosing the Best Airline Seats

Airline seats

Spend a little extra money on seating

What’s more important to you? A few extra bucks or a comfortable journey? If you have a budget and cannot afford to spend even a few extra dollars, then this tip is not for you. However, you can still follow the other tips mentioned here.

If you’re not hesitant to spend extra money to ensure a comfortable journey, consider getting an additional legroom seat. Some airlines offer these seats in Economy Plus packages. These provide ample space for you to stretch your legs and thus enjoy your flight.

You can book these seats by spending as little as $10, to about $200. Whenever possible, try to book this seat by simply paying a little more than you usually would.

Be specific

Do not be vague when asking a question. There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as a bad question, but there is, and believe me, it can cost you a lot. If you ask an agent to book a good seat, they may not know of your preferences and merely book the seats as per their interests.

Instead of asking open questions, do some research and ask specific questions. For instance, try requesting a front row seat or a seat near the window.

Be early at the airport

Tips for Choosing the Best Airline Seats

OR Tambo International Airport

Do not sit back and relax just because you have finished booking a ticket. Make sure that you’re at the airport on time on the day of your flight. If you have access to an airport lounge, wait there.

By reaching the airport late, you are putting the seat that you have booked earlier at risk. The airline could give away the seat to another passenger, assuming that you will not be arriving, and you’d be forced to find another seat.

Earn an elite status

If you do business with one airline a lot, check out their frequent flyer program. If you’re a regular customer, you can acquire an elite status. These programs come with a lot of perks as you’ll have more benefits than other flyers.

Possible benefits include priority security screening, free baggage check fees, etc. along with preferred seat selection. With preferred seat selection, you’ll have a higher chance of selecting comfortable seats every time you book a flight with them.

Ask when in doubt

There is always a chance that every seat is packed in an airline. Did you know that around 5 to 15% of people who book their flights on average miss their flights or never appear?

Furthermore, there are also people who upgrade their economy class flight to business class on the day of the flight. In both cases, you have the opportunity to sit in their seat, and you can only do that if you ask an agent about these cases and they help you.

Be kind

Last, but not least, approach agents with kindness and be polite when asking questions. Most of them get tired of listening to complaints and people yelling all day long. By being kind with them and treating them like human beings, you can expect better answers from them.

It is almost impossible to have a perfect trip, regardless of what you do to prevent unsatisfactory experiences. However, taking precautions can make your travel experience a near-perfect trip.

The journey starts from the moment you get out of your house and enter the airplane. If you follow all the tips that I’ve mentioned here, there is a good chance that you will have a great flight. When you have a great journey, your good mood is carried over to the rest of your trip.

If you have any other tips for choosing the best airline seats, feel free to comment below.

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