Meet Amelia from Voxate Writing and Editing

Meet Amelia from Voxate Writing and Editing

I created the “Travellers’ Tales” section to give other travellers an opportunity to talk about their travels. Today I would like to introduce you to Amelia , a writer and blogger based in the Garden Route of South Africa. She blogs at “Suddenly A Mom”.

I would love to hear about your travels too. Go to “Travellers’ Tales, fill in the quick questionnaire and email it to me with your blog links.

Read about Amelia’s travels here,

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a blogger (for clients and myself) and a freelance writer in the gorgeous Garden Route of South Africa. I have a family (a lovely husband and daughter) and nurture a penchant for anything that 1) tastes good, 2) makes music and/or 3) has fur/feathers/fins.

2. What is your earliest travel memory?

A camping trip on the banks of the Keurbooms River with my parents when I was 4 or 5 years old. We were sitting around a bonfire when someone handed a sparkler to me. I remember wondering how much more magical life could get after holding the stars in my hand.

3. Where was your last holiday?

Mauritius. Mint-coloured water, palm trees, French food and South African wine. Just about perfect.

Mauritius Sunset - Amelia voxate

Mauritius Sunset

4. What was the best thing you did there?

Snorkelling with eels in irresistibly warm waters and eating the freshest seafood in super-romantic settings.

5. What was your best holiday ever? Why?

A camping retreat in the Eastern Cape of South Africa – I met the love of my life there and learnt to catch waves on a SUP.

6. What is your favourite travel destination?

The place I’d like to go to next is the USA – there’s just so much to see and do with just the right combination of natural beauty, entertainment, culture and fun. I’d love to do a train trip from east to west and discover a bit more of the mid-western farmlands.

7. What must one do there?

Well, I’m yet to go...but Yellowstone and New York City are on my bucket list.

8. Who is your favourite travel companion/s?

My husband – he’s an adventurer that’s always up for trying something new.

9. Name one item you must have when travelling.

My phone so that I can take pictures, keep in touch with friends back home, and do a little bit of work on the way. I do love my job.

10. Your best travel advice?

Don’t be pedantic about an itinerary. Have a few places you’d like to see and try your hardest to get there, but be open-minded. Some of the best adventures start by getting lost or taking a chance.

11. The one place you want to visit before you die?

Italy; especially the countryside, far away from the city centres.

12. Your favourite place in South Africa?

The Wild Coast is spectacularly beautiful. It changes you.

13. Worst travel experience?

Spending the afternoon at a backpackers’ in Coffee Bay while it rained. When I had to head back to our campsite, the river that I needed to cross was flooded. I slipped down the embankment and got soaked through and covered in mud. The campsite was blocked by water, there was no access. So, I headed to a hotel, which charged me an exorbitant rate to stay the night. I had an amazing hot bath, but my clothes were wet and muddy, so I wrapped myself in a stripy African blanket and headed to the restaurant. I could only eat the peanuts at the bar as I’d spent all of my money on one night’s accommodation.

Mauritius Amelia


14. How can people connect with you?

Website: /




Thank you, Amelia , for sharing your fascinating travels with us!

I would love to hear about your travels too. Go to “Travellers’ Tales, fill in the quick questionnaire and email it to me with your blog links.

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