Win an Unforgettable Road Trip Experience with Road Trip Explorer !

Win an Unforgettable Road Trip Experience

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Experience Africa's Splendour: Join the Road Trip Explorer Competition!

Africa is a magnificent continent with over 50  countries, and so many vibrant cultures, breathtaking sights, and endless adventures. With such a vast continent to explore, how can you truly experience it best?

The Road Trip Explorer platform is your portal to the best and largest collection of African road trip stories on the web. Road Trip Explorer is a crowd sourcing platform that collects road trips from travelers from all over the world. With over 70 stories submitted so far from travellers coming from over 10 different countries, you are sure to find the perfect road trip for you.

Featured road trips thus far include road trips in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Road Trip Explorer

Sharing Your Adventure

Have you recently embarked on a road trip across Africa? If so, we invite you to share your story! Add your adventures to our collection by providing:

Your route or day-by-day itinerary.

Photos and/or videos of your journey.

Highlights from your trip.

A write-up of your adventure (the length is entirely up to you).

Basic information about yourself.

No journey is too small or too big; we welcome all road trips as long as they took place on the African continent.

If your story has been published elsewhere, fret not! Simply send us the link, and we'll use your original narrative to create a trip on our platform, making it accessible to travelers worldwide. Rest assured, you will be acknowledged as the contributor and we will link back to your original story, social profiles, and website.

Road trip lockdown

Win an Unforgettable Road Trip Experience

To make things even more thrilling, Drive South Africa, the company behind Road Trip Explorer, is hosting an exciting competition. By submitting a road trip that gets published on our site before 31st August 2023, you will automatically be entered into a lucky draw!

We are giving away three spectacular road trip experiences as lucky draw prizes. Here's what you stand a chance to win:

A 4x4 rental vehicle, fully equipped for up to 4 people, for 7 days.

A camper rental vehicle, fully equipped for 4 people, for 5 days.

A car rental vehicle for 7 days.

(See prize details below)

How to Enter the Competition?

Entering the competition is simple: complete the "Submit your road trip story" form available on this page or send an email with your story to

We can't wait to immerse ourselves in your epic road trip tales and share them with fellow wanderlust-driven individuals around the globe. Seize this opportunity, and together, let's showcase the resplendent beauty and untamed wildness of Africa through our shared stories. Happy exploring!

Visit Road Trip Explorer and get inspired now.

Read about our road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Read about our road trip to Lesotho.

See more great road trips in South Africa.

"Under the African sky, every mile is a memory, every road trip a testament to life's beautifully untamed wilderness."

Win with Road Trip Explorer


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8 comments on “Win an Unforgettable Road Trip Experience with Road Trip Explorer !”

  1. My ultimate road trip experience was last year for my birthday celebration. I have a bunch of crazy friends who made sure this birthday was a memorable one. We were hosted by Maliba lodge, went to Afriski, the stops and photos we took is uncountable. None the less I'm looking forward to go on another road trip to Lesotho for the braai festival happening in November. The landscapes of the 2 countries is amazing.

  2. My best memories are traveling from Johannesburg leaving early hours to our destination that's Mpumalanga stopping at most of the amazing waterfalls that I haven't seen in my life ,even going to the 3 rondavals pot holes many many more beautiful nature including the blyde river canyon that was epic.

  3. My favorite Travel memory is how myself,my siblings and my dad used to get from place to place when I was little, we didn't have a car and most times we didn't have much money either.We would often hike from Johannesburg to the Freestate to visit my Granny,Often Jumping off at different towns and catching a new lift before reaching pur destination.We played I-Spy and many other made up games. Each time we traveled, It was so exciting and fun, I felt like we were going on adventures, ofcourse back then it was safe to do so. We met so many different people on our rides and heard so many interesting stories. Our traveling memories are definitely ones I hold onto.

      1. Best trip, I had won a weekend stay and I could pick between 4 places. I chose a spot in Koster, and thought we can drive to sun city from there. My sister and a friend decided to join so we booked an extra room. So all 4 of us got into my little VW Polo, with luggage in the boot as well as my mom's Massive electrical oxygen machine, so I had to remove my backboard so that everything could fit. They didn't tell us that as you get closer there is a few kms of gravel road. Now trying to manoeuvre with 4 adults, boot full with heavy oxygen machine on gravel. My mom kept saying turn around let's go home because of how slow I had to drive and she was so nervous. We were luke 95% there and she is saying turn around lets go home. But we made it to the lodge. Obviously the next day leaving to sun city and back was a experience using the gravel road again.

        When we left the owner did say they planning on levelling out the road and putting tar as they know some cars struggle.

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