3 Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Africa

Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Africa

Traveling around South Africa can be somewhat daunting, as there are so many excellent locations filled with different spaces, places and faces. Each one offers something unique and profound. Each one is worth seeing and experiencing. However, sometimes you want to escape during your escape, you seek solitude and peace, and you're looking for a holiday that is both relaxing, and exhilarating, filled with romance and reality.  A place where you can reflect and explore.

If you are looking to beat the crowds and make memories that'll last a lifetime, South Africa’s best off-the-beaten-track travel destinations are for you. Whether you're a small family looking to reconnect, a newlywed couple looking for intimacy and romance or whether you're a group of friends ready to celebrate a special occasion, there is a space and a place for you. If you find yourself torn between the sun-soaked cost, the bustling city, free roaming wildlife or active adventure and breath-taking scenery, you can get it all with these top Three South African Off-The-Beaten-Track-Travel-Destinations. Take a look at your calendar and book your next adventure today.

Kwa-Zulu Natal

This coastal South African province is renowned for its beaches, mountains and savannah populated with Big Game. The diverse province showcases the indigenous Zulu people and the Indian-influenced harbour with its unique cultures and traditions. This multicultural destination is a unique fusion of modern sophistication, pulsating energy and raw organic beauty. KwaZulu Natal is famous for its laid-back luxury, it’s authentic hospitality and its down to earth lifestyle.

Thanda Safari - Luxury Tent Accommodation

Destinations in Africa

Thanda Safari offers a broad range of unique and luxurious accommodation - one of the most popular being the Luxury Tent which offers rustic chic genuine bush accommodation, the way nature intended. It offers unparalleled closeness with the bush, with an intimate look into the lifestyle of that of the wild. Relaxed and real the Luxury Tent is solar-powered and provides unspoilt views of the beautiful African sky and its constellation. With a rare marriage of African authenticity and natural style, the accommodation promises to be peaceful and private, epitomising African hospitality, comfort and luxury.

Thanda Safari is more than an African escape, more than a luxury lodge or a dream vacation. It is an authentic wildlife experience that offers a sincere commitment to conservation and the Zulu people.Destinations in Africa

Gauteng - Johannesburg

South Africa’s biggest city and the capital of Gauteng is also known as Jozi or Egoli translated as "The City of Gold". Johannesburg is both bustling and daunting. It is the centre of the urban revival and well-placed for adventure. . The vibrant heart of South Africa, Johannesburg is a place where money is made and fortunes are found. The high-powered city offers an energy like no other and truly epitomizes the African modern metropolis.

Monarch Boutique HotelDestinations in Africa

Centrally located in the heart of Johannesburg, offering walking distance to Rosebank Mall and Killarney Golf Course, Monarch Hotel provides the perfect liberation from the city without being too far away from the action. Find your sweet spot and balance your city life with this exclusive five-star accommodation, which epitomises the combination of urban chic, and modern sophistication as well as African hospitality and comfort. The ambience of The Monarch is intimate and well designed with its upscale suites all individually decorated and fitted with finest of amenities.Monarch Hotel Rosebank

Western Cape

Set beneath Table Mountain and home to one of the top voted most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town is so beautiful that if she was a woman, she would turn heads. Cape Town lies between the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the spectacular Western Cape. The province's picturesque backdrop of architectural peaks, charming fishing villages, sun-drenched vineyards, popular Garden Route, sweeping indigenous forests and stretches of white sand crystal blue coastlines are just some of the reasons to visit this majestic part of the world. It is a destination which reflects both the past and present, and a melting culture pot of diversification, art, design and culinary excellence.Monarch Hotel Rosebank

Scarbrough - The Atlantic Dream

Scarborough lies just beyond the beautiful beaches of Kommetjie and remains far from the maddening crowds despite its proximity to the city.  An untapped wonderland of conservation and beach homes embedded in the steep mountains of Stankop and Red Hill, it is every nature lover's dream and lies adjacent to the Cape Point Nature Reserve. The easy going, creative residents exude a laid-back outlook and lifestyle that the crystal blue ocean reinforces.Scarborough

The beauty and tranquility of this rustic and charming destination is unrivalled and has an appeal for even the toughest of clients. The Atlantic Dream is eclectic and eccentric and your stay in Scarbrough will be one of pleasure and privacy with this double story beachfront villa. Stay in this luxury home away from home in the heart of Scarbrough.Scarborough

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