When is the best time to visit South Africa?

The best time to visit South Africa

Visiting South Africa is a unique experience that has made its way onto the bucket list of many travellers, due to its spectacular natural beauty and myriad other attractions and activities. However, travellers often wonder when is the best time of the year to visit this vibrant country. This depends largely on your interests and the activities you plan to do. Here are the best time to visit South Africa for different activities and reasons.

The best time to visit South Africa for weather

South Africa has a temperate climate. The summer months (November to February) can be quite hot, while winters (June to August) are mild to cold. The Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate with wet winters and hot, dry summers.

The best time to visit South Africa for safaris and game-viewing

The best time to visit South Africa for safaris and game-viewing

Safari in South Africa

The best time to see the Big Five and other wildlife is during the dry winter season, which is between June and September. The main reserves in South Africa, like Kruger National Park, are located in the eastern part of South Africa and are dry during this time. Sparse vegetation and less water mean that the animals gather around waterholes and rivers to drink, making them easier to spot. There are fewer mosquitoes during this period too.

Though it's winter, the days are usually bright and sunny, with temperatures going up to 20°C in the daytime. Early mornings and evenings can be quite cold though, so pack accordingly.

This period also sees fewer tourists, offering a more intimate and uncrowded experience with nature.

The best time to visit South Africa for whale watching

The best time to visit South Africa for whale watching in Hermanus


The best time for whale watching in South Africa is typically from July to November. During this period, whales, mainly the Southern Right Whales, migrate from the chilly Antarctic waters to the warmer waters of the South African coastline for breeding and calving. The whales are frequently visible from the shores along the Western Cape's coastline, especially in Hermanus, known as one of the world's best whale-watching destinations.

This season peaks between August and October, offering spectacular sights of these majestic creatures breaching and fluking. Boat-based tours are also available, providing closer encounters and an opportunity to observe these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat. The Whale Festival in Hermanus, usually held in September, celebrates this annual migration, making it a particularly festive time to visit. Besides Southern Right Whales, one might also spot Humpback and Bryde's whales, adding to the experience.

The best time to visit South Africa for the beaches

Pennington Beach

Pennington Beach, Kwazulu Natal

Summer to Autumn (November to March) is the best time of the year for beachgoers in South Africa, especially in Cape Town and along the Garden Route. However, Kwazulu Natal is sunny with warm waters throughout the year and the winters are mild, making it a year-round beach destination.

The best time to visit South Africa to see the wildflowers

Namaqua National Park

Namaqua National Park in Flower Season

The best time to see the wildflowers in South Africa is typically during August and September, with the peak blooming period often occurring in August. This spectacular natural display is most prominent in the Northern Cape in the Namaqualand region and along the West Coast in the Western Cape province when the region is transformed into a floral wonderland with over 3 500 species of flowers, attracting local and international visitors. The exact timing, quantity and variety of flowers does depend on the winter rainfall though.

The best time to visit South Africa to see the jacarandas

Courtyard Hotel Arcadia Review

Jacarandas in Arcadia (Pretoria) in October

Originally native to South America, jacaranda trees have become an iconic feature in several South African cities, especially Pretoria and Johannesburg, and have been embraced as a significant part of the urban landscape in these cities. Every spring, usually from mid-October to November, these trees burst into a spectacular display of purple flowers, creating picturesque scenes that attract tourists and delight locals. The streets and parks are adorned with vivid purple canopies, and the ground is carpeted with fallen blossoms, creating beautiful scenes.

The best time to see snow in South Africa

Snowfall in South Africa is relatively rare and no one really travels there to see snow. However, if you are planning a trip to South Africa for any other reason and would like to combine it with a snow sighting then the best time to see any possible snow is during the winter months, from June to August. Bear in mind though, that this occurs mainly in the higher mountain regions, such as the Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape highlands. The Western Cape mountains, including the Cederberg and Matroosberg, can also receive snow.

In some years, snow may even fall in the Johannesburg and Pretoria regions, although this is less common. The snowfall in these areas can be sporadic and unpredictable, so it's advisable to keep an eye on weather forecasts if you're planning a trip specifically to see snow. The scenic beauty of snow-capped mountains and landscapes during this period offers a unique and picturesque experience for visitors, contrasting with the typical perception of South Africa's climate.

The best time to visit South Africa for hiking and outdoor activities

Gorgeglide Cullinan

Adventure Zone Cullinan

This depends on the region you will be exploring and the type of experience you're seeking. In general, Spring (September to October) and Autumn ((April to June) offer the best conditions for hiking and outdoor adventures, with moderate temperatures and less rainfall.

The best time to visit South Africa for budget travellers and to avoid crowds

The main South African school holidays take place in December and January every year. This can mean crowded tourist spots and higher prices. Planning for the shoulder seasons (just before or after peak times) might be more comfortable and will get you better deals on accommodation and tours if you are travelling on a budget.

the best time to visit South Africa

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  1. I planned South Africa tour twice but had to postpone it for some emergency. This time, I will ensure
    that there is no obstacle. Thank you for posting this blog. It would help me plan the best time to visit
    South Africa.

  2. Only visited South Africa three times, every time between September and October, and really loved it, found it an ideal season for weather, scenery and game parks. Thank you for the really detailed article!

  3. I'm going to South Africa in November of next year! Doesn't sound like that's the best time for some things lol but hopefully the jacarandas will still be in bloom!

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