Highlights from 10 years of travel blogging

Highlights from 10 years of travel blogging

Reflecting on a decade of travel blogging is like revisiting a meticulously curated scrapbook filled with memories, lessons, and adventures. Over the years, the journey of sharing experiences, tips, and insights has not only enriched my life but also taught me invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the realms of wanderlust.

Around 10 years ago, I was watching an interview on television with a local travel blogger, a rarity in South Africa at the time, and it inspired me to start my own blog. I’ve now been blogging for over 10 years and am grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I’ve had.

In that time, I’ve visited 27 countries -some of them multiple times. If it wasn’t for the Covid years, this number would probably have been higher! I’ve been fortunate enough to do hundreds of collaborations with all sorts of organisations - both local and international –including hotels and safari lodges, tourism boards, sightseeing tours and attractions, restaurants, luxury trains, and travel products. The best part was being able to share most of these magical experiences with my family, and on a wider lever, being able to share travel tips, recommendations and advice with my followers.

fireworks at Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Here are some of my highlights from the past 10 years.

  1. Sailing the Mediterranean with Royal Caribbean Cruises.
  2. Releasing my inner child at Walt Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando.
  3. Travelling through South Africa on a luxury train journey with Rovos Rail.
  4. Driving through Namibia’s stunning landscapes.
  5. Witnessing the Victoria Falls in their splendour.
  6. Staying at the Belmond Hotel opposite the Iguazu Falls.
  7. Exploring the Alhambra and Alcazar castles in Spain.
  8. Relaxing at the banks of the Zambezi at the Royal Chundu in Zambia.
  9. Going on a press trip to Mauritius with 30 + other international bloggers.
  10. Witnessing some of the most incredible wildlife sightings while staying at some of the best safari lodges in the world.
  11. Climbing the Great Wall of China...
  12. Standing amid the postcard beauty of Santorini
  13. Viewing London from the top of the London Eye....
  14. Visiting the birthplace of the Olympics in Greece...
  15. Floating over South Africa’s beautiful landscapes in a hot air balloon.
  16. Going up the tallest building in the world at Burj Al Arab.
  17. Relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Seychelles.
  18. Giving away some incredible prizes to my loyal followers.
  19. Getting published in prominent publications and websites. A piece I wrote was also published in a book, Navigator Around the World in 80 pages
  20. Interviewing over 100 other travellers about their travels.
Splendour of the Seas - Highlights from 10 years of travel blogging

Cruise Sunset

10 lessons I’ve learnt from 10 years of travel blogging

Travel blogging has been my window to the world for the past decade. It's been a journey of discovery, learning, and personal growth. Here are 10 lessons I've learned.

1.Be patient

Success in travel blogging doesn't happen overnight. It requires perseverance, dedication and hard work. Many of the travel bloggers who were around when I started have closed down their blogs since.

2.Adapt to change

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. Staying abreast of industry trends and evolving with the changing times is crucial.

3.Invest in Yourself

Personal and professional growth are intrinsic to the journey of a travel blogger. Invest in skills development, attend workshops and conferences, and never stop expanding your horizons.

4.Stay Curious

The essence of travel lies in curiosity—the insatiable thirst for exploration and discovery. Maintain an open mind, embrace new cultures, and approach every journey with childlike wonder.

5.Stay Ethical

Uphold ethical standards in your content creation, respect local customs and cultures, and strive to leave a positive impact on the destinations you visit.


Building relationships with other bloggers, brands, and tourism boards can lead to opportunities and collaborations.

7.Back Everything Up

Losing content or images due to a technical glitch can be devastating. Regularly back up your work, especially to the cloud.

8.Maintain Integrity

Only promote products or services you truly believe in to maintain trust with your audience.

9.Balance Work and Travel

Remember to enjoy your travels without being constantly buried in work. I usually don’t post much online while travelling and try to be present in the moment instead.

10. Avoid comparisons

Instead of fixating on what others are doing, focus on your growth and improvement as a travel blogger and set your own personal goals.

I don't know what the future has in store for me but I look forward to another decade of travelling.

Highlights from 10 years of travel blogging

19 comments on “Highlights from 10 years of travel blogging”

  1. Congratulations! I am celebrating my 10 year blogging anniversary myself this year, so your post gave me some ideas on how I want to share this milestone with my readers!

  2. wow, congratulations, what an achievement, and what a legacy! The ''backing everything up'' advice really hit home, because last year my cloud glitched and I lost hundreds of travel photos and videos 🙁 Keep blogging, sharing, traveling!

  3. Congratulations Sara! What an accomplishment. I love seeing the list of your favorite articles as well as your recommendations on what it takes to succeed as a travel blogger.

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